Bridging Sri Lanka And India- Rani

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Wonders of the Modern World Translating MYTHS underlying History /Culture to REALITY?


24 thoughts on “Bridging Sri Lanka And India- Rani”

  1. Thanks Rani for the post.I have seen this before and pondered about the past.The evidence is clear that there was a connection between Dhanuskodi and Talaimannar .However,historians have not firmed up on how it came to be.Even today, the deepest parts are only 30 feet!
    History reveals that there was a Tsunami/ Cyclone around the year 1410 which severely damaged the connection and made it less accessible.This fact is confirmed in Hindu temple records.
    This has to be relevant,when the Mahavamasa ,Culavamsa and Dipavamsa( which are really oral temple records mention the history of antiquity of Sri Lanka.).The arrival of Vijaya is recorded as in the Northwestern corner of Sri Lanka where the soil is golden! It is likely that the mode of arrival was over the connection and unlikely to be by sailing ship.Sailing around the coast from East to West ( leaving from the Bay of Bengal)would have been long and arduous and clearly had many opportunities for landfall before rounding the corner of South Sri Lanka and arriving at the Northwestern shores.
    Interesting,if only one has an open mind.Eddie.


    1. Yes Abey,

      NASA science is focussed on better understanding the history, “Route from India to Srilanka ,in The Ramayana story?


  2. Thanks Rani . Many legends refer to the connecting bridge between Sri Lanka and India. Eddie pointed out some of the references.

    Now the modern scientific evidence indicates that the bridge is man made. Interesting.



  3. Dear Rani
    What a wonderful bit of information and the contribution from Eddie is fascinating. For some reason or other I always thought that in the olden days people travelled across from Sri SLanka to India….. may be my imagination running riot 😊😊. Praxy


    1. Dear Praxy,
      Glad to know you are back. Similar thoughts have crossed my mind, wondering , how they could travel across other than via sea travel by boats? Now thanks to NASA every thing is crystal clear.


  4. Thanks Rani for the very interesting post .
    Hey folks- do you recall the story of Rama, Sita, Ravana, and Hanuman ?

    As Sita was being abducted by Ravana in his chariot flying over to cross the ocean to Lanka, Sita, pulled out the beads from her necklace and threw them onto the ground .
    The bead line ended at the edge of the ocean .

    Rama knew where Sita was taken to and by whom , when he followed the bead line .

    He engaged the help of Hanuman- The King of the Monkey Kingdom- and they laid the rocks to connect India to Lanka and so, the monkey people crossed over and brought Sita back to India , and Rama knew that the Power of Sita- kept Ravana away from her- so she was ‘ pure and untouched by another man , other than Rama .

    Then, India that was in mourning and in darkness since Sita was abducted- now, lit the lamps- to celebrate the safe arrival of their beloved queen , and this the story of Divali- Festival of Lights .

    When I was in school= Holy Family Convent – ( 1956 or so ) Sinhala Lit Soc staged this play and I wanted to at least play the role of a monkey in Hanuman’s army- but, I was turned down at the audition – not a good monkey I was !
    The play Rama and Sita- was a huge success.
    This is my take on the Bridge – and perhaps explains the disparity in the geological dating of the sand and the rocks .
    Hanuman’s giant monkey army was able to physically place the rocks on the ocean floor – also- perhaps at that time- the sea water level would have been low too .

    This perhaps is also the way folks travelled from the South Pacific – Hawaii– > NZ and the islands in between , using large canoes built by the Maori and the Hawaiian and other Island Native People.
    There are Maori like rock carvings in certain areas ( BellaCoola ) along the Pacific Coast line of Br Columbia Canada , indicating people did travel very long distances , undertaking very long ocean voyages .
    Kon Tiki- Voyage in a Balsa raft – a very interesting read , and later made into a movie back in the late 50’s .

    Interesting History – google is always there to teach us, if we want to learn !
    Thanks again Rani- EagleD


    1. Hey Deepthie, What a shame that you were not taken for the part.Perhaps you should have asked to be Sita and would have been accepted.!! Eddie.


      1. Well Eddie
        Thanks for the compliment !
        I was picked to play the role of KUVENI !- in 1978 in Ottawa, Toronto, while I was just at home baby raising !
        Read my ‘reply note ‘ to Praxy

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    2. Dear Deepthie,
      I am back in UK now.

      I did not know that you were turned down for the role of monkey in our school play -Ramayana ( that was what the play was called) I was Indrajit in that play and I can still remember I had to point a sword pretending to hold some ones decapitated head at the end and pointing at some one stating in a Sinhalese funny tune ”this is the head of so and so ( forget whose head it was supposed to be ) and to have a good look at it. Can you tell me whose head it would have been. Damayanthi was Sita as she was so pretty. Yes I can remember the Sinhalese Lit society . After that I was in another concert depicting vlillage girls going to the well to draw water… and the song went like this ”This is the well that Banumatheie Champai and Sandalekai use to draw water. Were you in that? Oh I love the school days even though we were disciplined too much. Praxy


      1. HI Praxy-
        Welcome Back !!
        I was turned down for a Monkey role and was never picked for any school plays !
        You were the cute pretty one and so was taken for most plays staged by the sinhala lit soc ! !!!

        Yes I do recall Damayanthie – very pretty girl and Rani- a real tall, well built dark girl with a lovely voice was Ravana and I still recall- how she carried little Sita in Ravana’s arms and ran into the woods !
        I cant recall- who did the role of was Rama. Anyway- this play seems to have stayed in my head for some reason . Then, this girl Damayanthie- was again picked for the role of Damayanthie- in Nala – Damayanthie play staged the next year .

        H owever, come to Canada, I was picked for the plum role Kuveni !!!!- in Henry – Manel Jayasena play= Kuveni- when it was staged in Ottawa- Toronto – in 1978– the photos are there in our 50th Anniversary Souvernier book .
        The only qualification I had was – I looked like Manel Jayasena, had a good singing voice , could speak Sinhala dance very well !!

        Those Were The Days !!
        eaglekuveni !


  5. Thanks Deepthie for the descriptive narration of the Rama Sita story. The vivid description with NASA findings, have rekindled our lost memories about this very dramatic story with more colour and meaning,


    1. History has been unkind to our ancestors.The aboriginal people the world over would have looked the same.The aboriginal people of Australia( dated to 40000 years ),would have been the closest resemblance to our so called “Yakkas”.Sadly, The aboriginal people the world over have been treated badly.The Australian aboriginals were looked upon as wild animals and they were often at the receiving end of target practice by the intruding “white men”, who were in essence the outcasts of London society.Of an evening a group of white men would go into the forest and hunt down the poor aboriginals.They virtually exterminated the aboriginals in Tasmania.It is a sad and continuing story in Australia.
      There is a moving song by the Seekers, titled I am Australian and it is worth listening.The words encompass the true meaning of what it is to be Australian.” I am, you are, we are all Australian.”.Listen to it and you will like it.We should have a song with similar words for our home too,encompassing everyone so everyone feels part of our home “.Iam, you are,we are ,all SriLankan,!!


      1. Thanks Eddie for your comments on the ‘target practice of out casts of London Society ‘
        USA- / Canada- is not without Sin – at this time of Canada Day( July 1st ) and Fourth of July- 4th july USA big Day .
        Around the same time these things were happening in Australia, the same despots- rejects of Western Society had a bounty on Indian Scalps – at $ 25 / scalp., both in Canada and USA.

        A Statue of a one of those despots was erected in pomp and style, some years back , in a province in Canada was taken down with the same pomp and style, after much protest last year, when Canada celebrated its 150th Anniversary .

        The Aborginal People here called it 150 Years of Colonialism and 150 Years of Survival .

        I dont know about Australia, and USA, but here in Canada, we have come a long way since then, with Reconciliation and Recovery , with much hope for Bimaadziwin — A Good Life .


    1. HI Seelan- welcome to the fold !

      As for Hanuman– I think I have to believe in the theory of ‘ Shape Shifters ‘ where an animal takes a form of a Human or a Giant Being , when I think of Hanuman and the Monkey Army building the bridge across India and Lanka, to rescue Sita .
      Only Giant Beings could have physically handled the boulders that created the stone bridge .
      The difference in the ages of the sand and boulders – as we know now from 21 century technology- seems to prove the point ?

      Ravana- was also a Shape Shifter– he took on the shape of a lovely young doe , running in the forest – to get Rama to chase it on a hunt, and Rama was a superb hunter .
      Rama fell for Ravana’s ploy as he left Sita alone and ran after the doe and try as he did, chasing it through the forest, he could not find it .

      He returns only to find Sita gone .

      Same with Kuveni- who appeared on the beach as a dog , at Thambapani to greet Vijaya and his men on the ship , and lured the 700 men into the forest .
      Then, when it was Vijaya’s turn to step out of the ship- she turned her self into a very lovely woman singing in the forest on a full moon night and charmed Vijaya out of his mind !

      Ok this is another story by it self — Check out the pics on the 50 Anniv Souvernier book- and you can see who did the role of Kuveni in the play staged in Ottawa , back in the day !

      Shape Shifting and the Mystical Power of those Beings , is a belief very common among most ancient cultures , all over the world.



  6. Thanks Seelan glad to know that you are with us in ,sharing your views about an amazing Myth ,translated to an NASA evidence based reality, ,


  7. Vijaya was supposed to have landed in Manthai in the Mannar District. But is not the story of Vijaya a legend with no archeological proof? After my ‘O’ Level I travelled with a group of friends to India by ferry from Talaimannar to Danushkody. It was a long train journey, starting from Colombo Fort to Talaimannar- Danushkoddy to Madras, then to New Delhi with a stop at Agra. Then across to Amritsar and we crossed the border to Lahore in Pakistan! This was just before the Indo-Pak war.

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    1. Narme iagree with you, according to Mahavansa Vijaya landed in Srilanka in an area near modern Mannar in Chilaw district , and founded the kingdom of THAMBAPNNI


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