Best Wishes to Asokan!

Asokan BD Edit



  Have a Very Happy Day today, with your family and friends , and may you be Blessed with Good Health in the days ahead .

It was nice meeting up with you , in 2014 and I hope we meet again somewhere .

  Till then, again I wish you All that is Good !

Deepthie .


My dear Asokan,
Wishing a happy birthday, send  greetings across the pond
For a wonderful batch mate and a gentleman par excellence
Wishing good health, peace and many more joyful decades
To spend the fruitful life, serving the needy with benevolence

11 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Asokan!”

  1. Hi Asokan
    Happy Birthday to you,hope all is well . I understand and your a keen golfer. Enjoy your retirement in the green fields playing the game you enjoy most. Your handicap must be in single figers. Wish you good health and happiness.


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