Thai Pain Specialists- Sam

If your back hurts try this!!  Sam


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14 thoughts on “Thai Pain Specialists- Sam”

  1. Thanks Sam.What does painrxsam think of all this.? I have seen a similar video by a bearded Indian.Clearly the young woman in the video was distressed throughout the procedure.My observations are that most of this quacks patients are young, hence the pain syndrome must be due to musculoskeletal skeletal mal alignment and not anything more sinister The hammering of the spine perhaps results in hyper extension of the spine temporarily and releases any impingement of the nerves secondary to disc prolapse?We also know that most back problems get better in time with strenghening of the erector spinal group of muscles.It may be disastrous to attempt this on one with neurological symptoms.The man knows of symptoms of sciatica and hence the hammering of the legs in the distribution of the sciatic nerve.
    Spinal manipulation is still an art form practised by Chiropractors.Remember the famous Londoner, Stephen Ward and Christine Keller.!
    Sam,This is your speciality and I shall say no more.Eddie.


    1. Eddie
      When I first viewed this clip, I thought it was quite hilarious. But there has to be some short term benefit to this method of mass scale therapy. Otherwise no one will subject themselves to this, standing in line for the treatment. I do believe certain types of benign spinal pain syndromes can be due to minimal joint alignment issues which responds to Chiropractic adjustments. But such manipulations are more scientific and specific to the affected segments after careful diagnosis including spinal X-Rays.
      My explanation for this would be more basic such as the “Gate Theory of Pain” described by two Canadian Anesthesiologists (Melzack & Wall) many years ago. (They received Nobel price for their work) According to gate theory, touch and pressure sensations are transmitted by myelinated fast conducting fibers from the peripheral dermatomes. These impulses then seem to block the slow conducting pain transmitting neurons at the dorsal horn (Gate) of the spinal cord. This explains why we squeeze the painful thumb, when it gets hammered accidentally to get instant relief.


      1. Thanks Sam for your explanation.Hence the quack is counteracting the pain syndrome with the activation of the pressure and touch fibres using his hammer.!! .If that is the reason for the improvement, the response is not going to be permanent and will result in a repeat visit to the Quack.!!.No wonder the quack has a long queue for his treatment.There are a few interns at the anvil in the background also learning the trade .The treatment should not cost much and at the same time the operator is getting his fare share of upper body exercise.Eddie.


  2. Please allow me to post a plausible explanation to this so called “wacky Quaky” procedure for back pain.

    As a member of The British acupuncture Association ,and having had the experience to be in a team (surgeon Dr Cruz,/Late Dr Anton Jaya Suriya / myself) , who performed Thyroidectomy and a few more success ful operations under Acupuncture Anaesthesia at Kalubowila hospital in 1970’s, I can assure you there is more than madness to this procedure shown in the video

    The procedure targets points along meridians in the body ,which are natural pathways in the body along which the energy flows . The YING And YANG theory , Blockage or imbalance cause illness and pain.There are different meridians for different systems on the body and many points along the meridian can be targeted to cause relief of pain ,illness analgesia, sedation asthma etc.
    In the case of back pain ACUPRESSURE, is exerted on the points ,by means of hitting the point with the hammer and anvil. Sending a signal to the body to turn on its own healing and regulatory mechanisms.Acupressure helps to restore the functional imbalance and restore the flow of YING and Yang ,thus returning the body to a natural state of well being.

    The loud noise
    heard while hitting the anvil with the hammer is just an exaggeration bringing more drama to the procedure, as the healer holds the anvil on to the surface of the body only “superficially “to exert a certain pressure at all the points although he hits the anvil fiercely.

    Like all medications for pain analgesia. Several doses will be needed to reach the benefit ,similarly the hammering process for back pain also may need several sessions?


  3. Thanks a lot to the pain experts !
    I just live with it- and move with the times and it gets better with time .
    sitting too long at the lap top– gives me back pain !!
    bye !!!
    – eaglemd


  4. Dear all
    Just got back from Sri Lanka and read the blog.Thank you for the wonderful explanations of the pain pathway. However having undergone two Spinal operations for Spinal Stenosis I am scared of undergoing such drastic measures fir pain relief.Narme I too would welcome some simple steps to relieve pain. I am thinking of having acupuncture as I have severe back ache for which I take pain killers.
    Rani I read with great interest about acupuncture and I am thinking of having it done for my back pain as the Neurologist has told me that he cannot do any more operations without risk of damaging the spinal cord. I would welcome your valuable opinion.
    All of you pain specialists let me know your views on acupuncture for Sciatica and lower back pain. Praxy


  5. Dear Praxy

    Glad to know that you are back. Yes , I think acupuncture is an option in the ands of a qualified acupuncturist. I can assure you that I have treated many cases of back pain and sciatica , long ago at the Kalibowila hospital clinic, with positive outcomes may have to get several sessions at different intervals, I will send you a diagrammatic representation of the ACU points used for back pain ans sciatica via email so that you can confirm the points when you get treatment.

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    1. I agree with you Seelan. I hope readers are not assuming that I am endorsing this method of treatment . Post was done for its unusual nature, and to promote a discussion.


  6. Dear Rani,
    My comment about Headache was for obvious reason – I don’t want my head to be hammered with a hammer!!!1


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