6 thoughts on “NY Times Article of SL interest- Sam”

    1. Thanks Eddie. For some reason it has not come through. I will try it again. May be they are blocking it.
      I will also forward it to your Email address.


  1. Thanks Sam. A well researched, factual account of our plight.The Chinese have got us by the “ goolies”..Is it history repeating itself.? In1410 , the Chinese under admiral Zheng captured the king of Kotte,King Alagakkonara and his family and took them to China for non payment of the annual tribute to China.The whole saga makes a mockery of our close alliance with the Chinese.50 Acres in Colombo and 1500 Acres In Hambantota for the next 100 years in Chinese hands.Look out for the population explosion of hybrid Chinese in the south.!!Bad news. Eddie.


  2. THE WORM HAS TURNED – History tells us that China had to fight opium wars against the west in the 1800’s.Now China is flexing its economic muscle against the west and it seems boot is in the other foot ! West has abandoned helping asian and pacific nations and China stepped into fill the vacuum with their new found wealth.Phillipines , one of the closest allies of US has developed very close ties with China. China is strengthening its links with other pacific neighbours like Fiji, Vanuatu & PNG as well as many african nations. Chinas military expansion in the south china sea is causing some consternation in the west but China has retaliated that US is not even a signatory to the UN Convention of the law of the seas(UNCLOS)


  3. Agree with Abey !!- Indeed — The worm has turned !

    My father- who was the Senior Economist at the Central Bank of Ceylon in the late 50- mid 60’s – had this to say —- ” China is The Sleeping Giant- For When She Awakens The World Will Tremble ‘ !!

    The Time Has Come — I hope my father is watching “The World Economics – 2018 . ”

    He passed away peacefully in Colombo- 1993 at the age of 77 and I cant imagine my self dead at 77 …
    May Your Soul Rest In Peace …..

    eaglechild …..


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