Old movie- Eddie

This video doesn’t exist


Old movie.Rings true today.Look around and you will see. Eddie


3 thoughts on “Old movie- Eddie”

  1. Thanks Indrajee. I presume it was your son you are referring to .! How old is he ? If he is old enough to understand,it is reality. If we are living in a dream world without acknowledging what is happening around us it is being naive.The film is an old clip, perhaps when blacks could not ride in the same bus or use a common water fountain.And that was not very long ago, around the late fifties.Siixty years on,we would all like to think that racial bias does not exist.But iit does exist all over the world.! Sad but true.Let us keep on hoping that younger generations will be better, but when it comes to the nitty gritty of everyday life,stronger emotions take over and racial superiority comes into play especially to enhance their chances for a better lot in life.Eddie.


  2. Thanks Eddie-
    Welcome the REAL World of 2018–

    NOTHING has changed since this was filmed back in the day , perhaps over 60 yrs ago .
    Look around- and see it all around us …
    Very Sad ….

    We can still Live in Hope- that the Younger Generation will make this world a better place .
    Never Give Up- Live in Hope .

    Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela- among many others around the world , did not die in vain ….


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