Power of language- Rani

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4 thoughts on “Power of language- Rani”

  1. Dear Rani
    Your info about languages is very interesting. I think I am South East now .ha ha ha😊😊😊😊😊Praxy


  2. Thanks Rani for posting this video. Languages are interesting.

    As an anesthesiologist I was faced with situations where the patient spoke only one language and that was not English. I usually approach the family and ask them to teach me how ask someone to take a deep breath , how to say ” lift your head up ” in their language. If the patient can take a deep breath and lift the head up and hold it , then I can extubate them. I did not divulge my secret to the nursing staff or others, except my colleagues. The nursing staff was fascinated that I could speak so many different languages.



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