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  1. Dream Analysis- is a major issue among most Aboriginal Cultures – ” Dream Time ” – Australian Aboriginal, and Dream Analysis- among American and Canadian Aboriginal People .

    During the many battles between the ‘new arrivals ‘ and Original People of North America and Canada, some 150- 200 yrs ago, Dream Analysis played a major role in decisive battles fought- win or lose .

    Indeed- the great Lakota Chief Sitting Bull had a dream/ vision at a Sundance – that foretold the out come of the legendary Custer Battle at at Little Big Horn – South Dakota- – June 1876.
    Look up google for this interesting Battle of The Little Big Horn .

    Another ‘ dream ‘ was by a young Havasupai woman – who lived at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, with her family, who had a dream / vision and she lived long enough to testify at a US Court Hearing, about her dream , in a land mark case where a large portion of land was returned to the Havasupai Nation after a 90 year battle — ” I am The Grand Canyon ” — an interesting book to read/ google .

    There were special Medicine People- Men and Women – who were specialized in Dream Analysis and many events were ‘fore told ‘ in a dream to the Medicine Man / Woman .
    This was a very serious and important part of the Medicine Man/ Womans role in tribe back then, to keep the Tribe safe and well .
    The young were specially tutored about ‘ dream re call ‘ as part of their Daily Teachings by Tribal Elders .

    I am sure, there are enough tales about dreams in the Bible too — l have forgotten much of these now .– that story of the boy who wore the Coat of Many Colors- was this not some part of a dream that his mother had ?
    I am not sure – but, it was an interesting story in the Bible .

    If Dreams Came True …- Keep Dreaming !


    1. Thanks Deepthie for your well compiled details about the effects of dreams ,changing the outcome of self ,communities. As you have noted the sacred world of “Dreamtime “is the aborigines understanding of its creator the world,and its great stories of battles.

      Dreamtime is the beginning of knowledge from which the “Laws of existence “arose.


  2. Thanks Rani for this interesting post.I must confess that I do not have the knowledge to agree or refute the theoretical physicist.!However, he gives a very cogent argument for his view.My limited knowledge is that dreams are most frequently associated with REM sleep.I was interested in his comment about the Amygdala in the dreaming process.Interestingly,most dreams are of fear or aggression but disappontingly very few are related to sexual satisfaction/ acts.!!
    The combination of the brain connectome program together with functional MRI (now in progress)is going to tell us more about all the strange things our minds are capable of.Just now, we are tackling only the tip of the iceberg.
    Lucid dreaming,is inexplicable . According to him we are unable to move during normal dreaming but volitional control(hand grip ) has been documentedi inone study. .But,most dreaming is in the REM phase,during which there is the capacity for volitional control.The clearest example is Somnambulism.I once had an elderly man who often got up at night and in a dream like state physically manhandled his son but had no awareness of it in the morning.!
    Meditation and hypnosis are extensions of the same control of the mind and body and are easier to explain.
    The best explanation that I have read is that dreams occur when some neural networks get randomly activated during the dreaming process and those neurons and connections that had information of actual past events are relived in a haphazard manner.This is quite possible as all neural networks are subject to errors in activation and functioning.
    We know very little about our amazing brains.Until the experts tell us more, let us keep dreaming.?More of the less frequent kind and we will have little to complain about.! Eddie.


  3. On a lighter note let me put In my two cents worth of views about “Lucid Dreaming” Definitely it is not Rocket Science ” Lucid dreaming means that your are inside a dream and know you are dreaming.It is more than just having a dream.Lucid dreaming does not require that you control anything in your dream . But CONTOL is what the beginning Lucid dreamer often aim at.

    How many of us were aware of this kind of dreaming?. Leave alone experiencing this illusion? No hard feelings as it is a very rare experience, some may not have a Lucid dream during a lifetime. I too can’t recall having one? Statistics show only 20% of population experience d it Journal of Dreams 2014.

    Lucidity occurs during altered state of consciousness , when you realise you are dreaming, ,and your brain switches to a waking mode in side a dream. In normal dreams the self awareness is shut down but in Lucid dreams the conscious brain wakes up during sleep.

    Inference. LUCID dreaming points out to one of the highest Brain function that we possess to Monitor and reflect upon our thoughts.

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  4. Effects of dreams changing the course of events,

    My personal experience is ,A sad dream ,will , wake me up with a heavy heart, and most of the day I will be n a somber mood? Reflecting the memory of the dream.

    The Dreams t hat changed t he world are amazing ,in the battle field as mentioned by Deepthie, . For some dreams can be a source of Creativity, ideas that will change he world.

    Scientific advancement of the world from dreams. ALBERT Einstein who came up with he idea of Theory of Relativity after the idea came to him in a dream about electrocuting cows.In his dream a farmer had an electric fence where cows were standing and while he turned it on ,he saw the cows jump away from the fence one by on in waves motion,.From this he inferred that things appear differently for different people depending on where they are due to the time light takes to reach them.

    Mary Shelly- Mother of Science fiction Frankenstein her famous work was a result of her dreams.
    Robert Lewis Stephenson. Mr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was inspire by a dream

    John Lennon and Bob Marley came up with their music pieces inspired by dreams.

    So please keep dreaming, may be you too can change your he world


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