4 thoughts on ““Three Yellow Cats”- Sam”

  1. Thanks Sam for posting the video clip of the Three yellow 🐱, It was the first film produced in two languages, in Srilanka, with foreign and local actors, Late ,Mr Garmini Fonseka
    and Mr Joe Abeywickerama?.


    1. Rani
      I have heard of this film but never saw the original. Yes the local actors were said to be Joe , Ananda Jayaratne, and HD Kulatunge according to my research. I am not a movie buff however.


  2. Thanks Sam for this clip of a film that I have never heard of before,perhaps because it was in German.It is a classic of the time, beautiful shots of Ceylon in multiple locations.and pyrotechnics a plenty.It was a time for great film making in Ceylon,the likes of ” Bridge on the river Kwai” and “Elephant walk”. The local girls are in daring hemlines.!The shot of ?Ratmalana airport with the Air Ceylon logo on the ramp is nostalgic.The post stirs up memories of an era ,when we were young at heart at Medical college.Eddie.


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