Predictors of longevity – Long Life, anyone?- Ariya


It may be a case of better late than never

 According to the study below  must start the chatter

 Long life if can be achived by doing aomething pleasant
 I am for it and surely there will be many others, my dear
Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 12.22.02 PM

17 thoughts on “Predictors of longevity – Long Life, anyone?- Ariya”

  1. I am for it too.
    Socializing is getting a bit slack on my side – must wind it up ! Thank God, “Quitting the Booze” plays only a small part. Without this socializing is difficult for me !!


    1. Dear Seelan
      We all know how booze makes us get rid of our inhibitions and let our “hair down “. I am sure you have experienced it often. 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾. Praxy


      1. Dear Praxy,

        If boose does help to one to let his or her hair down

        Has he gone a bit carried away, my good friend Seelan

        Whatever said and done we are good at communicating

        Which should hold good even for a sane teetotallier boring



  2. Thanks Ariya,Many years ago, there was a study published in the BMJ, looking at the benefits of green tea in a rural population in China.The study involved two groups of peasants with similar demographics living in two adjacent villages.The study looked at many aspects of daily activities and the number of cups of tea drunk per day.The review of the results a few years later indicated that people in the two villagers were drinking equal number of cups of green tea per day BUT one group enjoyed better health and longevity.The difference in that group was in the social life of that village.Although the villagers drank the same number of cups per day,they did it differently meeting friends with whom they shared the tea and they dropped by regularly without invitation to share a cup of tea.In essence it was not the tea but the daily contact with friends who dropped by whenever they found time to visit and have a chat.Is this not like what it was in our homes some time ago.?Our social lives before modernisation was just like that with a welcome mat at the door.!Eddie.


    1. Dear Eddie
      🇱🇰 Sri Lanka used to be like that where friends relations dropped in without invitation just for a chit chat .I can remember at Christmas my mother always had a tin of craft cheese and cream cracker biscuits ready in case some one dropped in to wish us during the festive season. Gone are those days🙁🙁🙁Praxy


    2. HI Eddie- I too read about the Tea Drinking / Socialising / Longevity in this study done in China and was amazed at the results .
      So, all this stuff about cholesterol, smoking, couch potato stuff blew out the window !

      For me, social interaction is a bit of a challenge in the sparsley populated small rural ontario town I live in now .
      I made the decision to leave the ‘big city ‘ and ‘ move to the country ‘ , some 20 yrs ago ., and LOVE it .
      Only on weekends it gets noisy when the City Noise Makers ‘ arrive for the weekend- specially now, that the ‘boating / cottage/ camping season is on .
      I am glad, when sunday evening arrives, and they are gone !

      However, I do ‘ go to town’ a few times a week, to mix and mingle with civilization, and use free wifi at the local library , like now, as I dont have access to ‘unlimited internet access ” !!

      I dont want all that much of social interaction, as I dont want to live to be some doddering old hag !



  3. Thanks Praxy.Those good old days may never come back.We are too busy or are we self indulgent? Our Children are growing up knowing only “fake social media”, because it is fashionable!! The future generations will no doubt suffer and the art of talking( communicating) will fade away.Just imagine us having this same conversation face to face.How different it will be and no doubt very satisfying.!! Eddie.


  4. Dear Eddie and Praxy,

    Spreaded across four continents difficult to meet & greet
    Probably it would be the robots who would communicate
    Already this web site is doing our batch a marvellous job
    Yet the sadness is that only the same few do keep it going


    1. Ariya,
      I wouldn’t worry about level of participation. It’s like performers on stage, vast majority are spectators. See the 2018 view numbers above for this blog.


      1. My dear Sam and the gang,

        Viewing figures you showed are stupendous

        Pleased to see the fruitfullness of your efforts

        Drop by drop the interest, certainly is growing

        Congratulations for hardwork & the dedication



      2. Hi Sam, I like to think that we are communicating with like minded people, who are from our batch and who are very intelligent and do have opinions on the subjects under discussion.The topics become interesting when we have varying shades of opinion expressed by many.If it is going to be judged as performances then it becomes uninteresting to me.!!.It would be exciting to have greater participation and opinions expressed freely in this portal.Thanks to Sam for his untiring work of love.Long may it continue.Eddie.


  5. An eye opener for sure. I have seen this before. However we tend to forget or perhaps ignore what we saw before.
    Thanks Ariya for reminding us. Social interaction is important , but keep away from people who drag you down , complainers and people who are critical of everyone around them. Interact with people who are not judgmental.



    1. Whole heartedly, I agree with you Nisantha
      Though remote and not seeing face to face
      Sam’s website does a job enjoyable & neat
      Being availabke vehicle, us to communicate


    2. My dear friends of class of 64 !

      I do agree with Nisantha – I have seen this video clip before, but forget who sent it to me- perhaps it was Ariya !

      I too stay away like the plague from people who are constant complainers and do nothing to help them selves but, vent it out on the nearest person and hammer at it like a boxing bag !
      These people drag me down with their negativity .

      I also stay away from people who are envious – envy others who have what they dont have- at our stage in life it is Good Health and not Good Wealth .

      We call it ” Es Waha/ Kata Waha ” in the old country .

      The Good Doctor that I am, I Listen and Keep my Mouth Shut !

      Actually, the only companions I meet with physically, I are my friends from the Drum Circle – who I meet with once a week and really enjoy the singing and drumming and the social interaction that goes along with it .
      In fact, tomorrow- June 21 is Aboriginal Day- and we have been invited to Sing / Drum/ Teach at a near by town. .

      I also belong the local Hiking Club and occasionally attend the meetings of the local Field Naturalists Club- if there is good speaker , and I did two nice hikes, back to back, with the hiking club, and Naturalist club, two wks ago, on the two hottest days of the year so far, and had a lovely encounter with a Massasauga Rattle Snake- that made our day, and we all lived to tell the tale !
      90% of the members are 60 yrs and over and in good physical shape and we help each other a lot , during difficult climbs .

      I dont belong to a Book Club, Bridge Club, Golf Club, Knitting club, Quilt club, Art Club, and now, not even Garden Club !
      I dont garden any more, I just ‘putter around ‘ and talk to my plants listen to the wind, water and the birds and pay attention to any little rustle ( a snake may be ! ) .

      So, I may be classified as ‘ A Loner ” , and this means, my life expectancy is short and sweet and this is ok with me, as long as I make it to Beruwala- 2018 !!
      After that — it does not matter which planet I go to next, as I dont want to live past 80 !

      Oh- wait- gotta get to Arizona a few more times, – in my old hiking shoes/ hiking stick / back pack and flute, , to hike among the Sedona Red Rock Canyons and play the flute and listen to the echo !

      I LOVE the Blog- and LONG LIVE THE BLOG– Bless you my dear Sam, for this wonderful thing you have created for The Class of 64 .

      LONG LIVE CLASS OF 64 !!



  6. Thanks Ariya for allowing us to think about longevity of healthy and happy life. Avery person must think of mind and body health. Stress free mind and ensuring basic need to maintain a heathy body are important.


  7. Thanks Ariya for letting us know the two important predictors of longevity are close relationships and social integration. I have enjoyed the various comments by our batchmates and do hope we can improve those factors.


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