Best Wishes to Marina!

Marina BD Edit




  I wish you all the Joy and Happiness on this day, and the same for all the days in the coming years.

It was a pity you missed the RU 2014 and I do hope you will consider a visit to The Old Country in oct 2018 !

I have not seen you since we met in UK at the 1989 RU .

Let me know, when you are in Toronto- I will try to make a trip to see you, along with Rajes

 It was nice to see your photo with Praxy and Lakshi – nothing like old friends meeting in REAL Life and not via Social Media !

Have a Very Happy Birthday today with family and friends s.

Your old Good Convent Girl Friend- Deepthie .

16 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Marina!”

  1. Dear Marina,
    Greetings come to you from an old pal
    Expressing good wishes, happiness and LoL
    May you have excellent health and peace of mind
    And a stressfree long life for being a mate of a special brand


  2. Dear Marina,
    Jean joins me in wishing you a very happy birthday as well as a very happy and healthy future.
    Hope your trip to Toronto to attend your nephew’s wedding is a joyful one.


  3. Dear Marina,
    Many happy returns of the day and may God give you the blessings of peace ,good health and contentment. Like Deepthi’s I have not seen you since the 1989 RU. Hope you make it for the RU in October.


  4. Hi Marina,
    I want to wish you many happy returns for today and peace and prosperity for many years to come.
    Hope to see you in Beruwala for the Oct;18′ get together.
    All the best from Annesley from down under


  5. Hi Marina,

    Happy Birthday to you. May you be blessed with good Health and Happiness and many more years.

    Ranjit & Shanthi

    Winter Haven



  6. My dear friend Mareena,
    Very happy belated birthday wish! May you have good health and Happiness always. It was very nice to meet you in twice this year. Hope we will meet again soon.


  7. many happy returns on this your bday, my dtr was happy to have met you and i also saw recent pictures
    best wishes paul


  8. Thank you all for the birthday wishes . I am in Toronto,was fortunate to meet Jeeva and Paul’s daughter Anne at the wedding of my nephew. Had a long chat with Deepthi on the phone. Mahal and Sree I still live in Merton,if I can have your address I will try and meet you one day. Swarna it would be nice if you and Praxy decide to spend some days with me I can organise something and invite some of our batchmates who live in London.


    1. Good talking to you Marina , and I m sure you are busy with family stuff while you are here in Toronto ,
      Thanks a lot for taking the time of day to talk to me, and I hope you got a chance to talk to Rajes too .
      It is a pity that for us, summer here is sooo short, and lots of activities on the go, so I was not able to come and meet you .
      Any way– Thanks for the nice long phone call- and Good Wishes- Deepthie .


  9. Dear Marina
    Wish you had a fantastic birthday and heaps of fun inToronto. It was lovely to see you and spend time with you Praxy and Swarna. It was nice to meet your very helpful caring devoted son as wel. Kind regards


  10. Hello Marina,
    Many happy returns and best wishes. I am sorry with the late message. I had some problem with my computer. It would be very nice to meet you again after such a long time. All the very best.
    David Selvarajah


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