Acts of Cooperation between different animal species

1.Old  Tom the whale killer whale helping the whalers to catch other whales

2.Goby fish acts as eyes for blind Pistol shrimps to protect them from predators

3.Badgers and Coytons team up to catch prey

4.Meat ants protecting caterpillars from predators

5.Tarantula eggs are protected by frogs

6.Badgers and Coytons team up to catch prey

Rani Simone

7 thoughts on “CAN WE LEARN A LESSON??-Rani”

  1. Dear Rani
    It is so nice to see the friendly interaction between animals🐒🐺🐗🐴🦄🐝🐛🦋🐞 and between insects too. What amazes me is the the way ants 🐜 convey messages or whatever, when they all go in a row and “” kiss “” each other. This was actually observed by Tania when she was little and saw ants on a visit to Sri Lanka. She called her brother and told him “ look these ants are kissing as they pass each other “ Praxy


  2. Dear Praxy,

    Tania would have been one smart observant little girl , to notice the ” kissing ” of Ants . Yes this is called “Trophallaxis” which is like kissing, the process of exchanging regurgitated food.
    Another way , is when the ants head or the “antennae” touch each other . Interacting ,in a way to know each others identity ( worker, Queen) by chemicals on the body,and information about food
    The term used Is “ANTERNET”giving an insight to file sharing in the internet.


  3. Sent from my iPad

    Let me unravel the interesting stories of cooperation

    1. Two Fold bay in Australia is the deepest Natural Harbour ,ideal spot to o gather Whales during winter.
    A pod of Orcas led by a male known as the Old Tom will drive Baleen Whales in to Twofold Bay and trap them . Next the Old Tom will Swim to the whaling station and jump and slap the water to get t he Whalers attention, leading them to go in boats ,and kill the Whales.When the killed whales are left in the beach overnight ,the Old Tom and his pod will eat the lips and tongue of whales and leave the more valued parts for the whalersThis is known as “Law of the Tongue”Old Tom died in 1930 since then no orcas have cooperated .

    2.Goby fish and Pistol Shrimp, – Shrimps can snap their claws so rapidly that it creates a high pressure jet of water that can ward away predators . Pistol shrimps do not have good eye sight ,Gobies act as Shrimps eyes like blind being led by “Guide Dogs”
    The Gobies fins are in contact with The shrimp and will signal the shrimp if their are predators Pistol shrimp will not go out without the assistance of the Gobies.

    3.Badgers and Coytons form a hunting pack,and share catching burrowing rats,and rodents, although they catch them in different ways.

    4.Although most invertebrates are swarmed and eaten by the omnivorous ants,the ants release a foul smelling chemical bite repeatedly to drive away the predators.
    Certain species of caterpillar co-exist with meat eating ants . The caterpillar secrete a sugary fluid ,the ants consume,in return the ants will protect the caterpillar from predators.

    5.The Colombian lesser Black Taruntula and the dotted humming Frog share a burrow created by the spider, The rental paid by the frog is by eating ants that will eat the spider eggs.
    6.Moray eels and Groupers share co-operating hunting.Groupers hunt by day in the open while eels are nocturnal. If the prey is in a crevice where the Grouper is unable to reach they seek assistance of the eel,by swimming to the mouth of the. Mooray den ,and shaking the head rapidly , drawing the attention ,and driving the eel out of the den and guided to the prey . The mooray eats the prey but at times share it with theGrouper.


  4. Thank you Renee . I agree with Seelan ,you are very knowledgeable. To find little time to widen your knowledge seem very difficult at times.


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