7 thoughts on “Art at its best – Praxy”

  1. Thanks Praxy.It is a talented artist who can create such beauty out of the human form.The number of bodies that constitute these beautiful creations are unique.The frog had 5 .I like the fish created with only one body and the movement of the toes looked very much like the tail fin moving making it look alive.What the artist has created is out of the natural beauty and form of the female body.This is an extension of the natural beauty of women,painted or not.!!!Eddie.


  2. Hi Praxy
    I am really amazed how an artist can create such accurate beautiful animals with painted female bodies.
    Thanks a lot for sharing .


  3. Thanks Praxy for this very beautiful video clip on Art- Body Painting and Nature .
    It was like watching a ballet dance unfolding before my eyes, on the screen !
    I dont know which is better than the other- ALL are just as lovely .


  4. Thank you very much Praxy for sharing this video. It was fascinating to watch. You see the beautiful animal and suddenly it unfolds into human bodies one body at a time . What talent.



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