11 thoughts on “Car Collection-Eddie”

  1. Dear Eddie
    Thank you for giving us an Insight into the lives of the famous rich people. But. I wonder what motivates them to get such a number of cars🚘🚖🚘🚖🚘 which I think 🤔 they do not even drive.
    Rani I can remember visiting Brunei 🇧🇳 for your sons wedding and going to I think some sort of a park where there was no entrance fee and I thought Brunei must be a rich country to allow people to use that sort of park without an entrance fee.


  2. Thanks Praxy.It is very difficult to understand why anyone would have such a large collection of cars,unless,he is an auctioneer!!.Some say that it was the collection by his brother and many were auctioned off as the cars were not being maintained.!!
    This behaviour is common to many dictators heading totalitarian regimes.They show off their wealth to shock and awe the people that they dominate( Brunei’s population is around half a million).Who would build a palace with 1800 rooms.?Perhaps it gives a lot of maids and servants work for a minimal wage.
    And where does all this wealth come from.? From Oil and LPG.In fact, the sultan is having a great life at the expense of every living being on this planet.Brunei also owns a cattle farm larger than it’s land mass in Australia.!!.This supplies their meat and dairy needs.
    This behaviour is not unique to Brunei, look around the world and even in our own backyard, totalitarianism is the key and the poor, uneducated and foolish people keep promoting them.!!!
    The poor for some inexplicable reason seem to admire people with ill gotten wealth of totalitarian regimes.
    New Zealand is one of the best in this respect and strives to retain egalitarianism.Eddie.


  3. I love cars. I go to auto shows to see the newest and the latest. Admire collector cars . But who needs so many cars when half the world is starving.

    The sultan should donate some of the money to the underprivileged.



  4. Eddie to answer your query why do people collect cars?My humble view is that it reflects “an Epitome of style” or is it seeking pleasure?

    I trust there are different motivators for each collector. Sultan of Brunei with his immense wealth the contributing factor must be and the pride,in acquiring an exquisite fleet of “Wow” cars ,that will provide recognition and admiration globally to display his wealth.

    Last but certainly not least is the passion to drive these dream 🚗 ( I am sure even we would love) to fulfill his desires.

    “desire” the Psycological reinforcement that feeds the Pleasure Centre (Nucleus Accubens)
    Sparks the , demands to acquire for more collectibles cars in this instance.

    Dr Seelan will enlighten us on this , with MRI changes in the pleasure centre , burning more in the phase of anticipating more cars to acquire.

    This might explain why collecting often transcends from a mere past time to a Passion driving the person to want , and to pursue it more and more vigorously?

    Yes Praxy the park we visited in Brunei is the “JERUDONG”park, the entry free, largest and most expensive Amusement park in South East Asia

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  5. Thanks Simone. Yes, some like new cars, others old. Collectors of vintage cars do that as a hobby, showing them off at vintage car shows.And often, it is an investment that can be cashed up when driving and maintenance of cars become difficult with advancing age.However, the sultan’s collection is a caddish display of ill gotten wealth.!! Eddie.

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  6. Dear Rani,
    Research using Functional MRI (3T) is time consuming & expensive. Each study will cost about $900-1000 and you need about 20-30 volunteers/patients. I don’t know if any one has done this on pleasure center.


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