12 thoughts on “Another oldie- Praxy”

  1. Thanks Praxy enjoyed listening to the song. Agree with Sam a smart way to use” Euphemism ” in the lyrics to target a specific group of the audience ?


  2. Dear Sam,
    Yes even though I do not endorse it I thought of sending it for the musicality as I am sure the guys will enjoy.

    Rani even though the females are targeted in that song the song itself is enjoyable and that is why I thought of putting it on the we. It will be interesting to see remarks the guys will have to make about the gals. Praxy


  3. I enjoyed the song and the dancing. I interpreted it differently ” the husband is describing the immense value of a life’s partner “.

    Thanks Praxy.



    1. Dear Nisantha,
      I suppose you are right amongst what the husband comments on he also shows the caring side of his wife. Praxy


  4. I , TOTALLY agree with Nisantha. I did enjoyed the song & dance part. He sings of a lot of positive things about the wife & only two deficiencies!!. Not bad!!. Thanks, Praxy.



    1. Dear Dostara,
      Glad that you enjoyed it. Since Titus cannot insert these on the blog because of his vision problems, I decided to do it. Praxy


  5. Thanks Praxy for this very bouncy number.As Wimal mentions, despite the noisy plus characteristics, there is a lot of admiration for his wife in the song.In fact, she is even looking after his ? Mother.She is a very caring woman cooking, cleaning and looking after the children while he is showing off his Volkswagen car!,Just like all of us men, we want perfect wives!! What more can you ask for?.And she knows when to shut him up, as she does in the clip.Do you remember Desmond de Silva and “ She will never come right & Boomi thel moley? There was a time when bailas like these were popular but today, we men have to be careful of what we say and do for we may be Weinsteined!!! Eddie


    1. Dear Eddie,
      Yes I agree with you. There are many positive things the husband mentions about his wife. …along with negative thigs too. What a charming face she has when she is caring for her mother in law. This is very sweet. Yes I remember Desmond de Silva. His songs were fabulous. Praxy


  6. HI folks- This woman was ME- Been there and Done That , when I was home for 10 years, and raising kids in Canada during the first 10 years here and I have NO regrets about it , and in fact, thoroughly enjoyed my time at home – just being MOM !

    Not sure, if there was any appreciation Then, as it was a lot of Tough Love, but Now, there is a lot of Appreciation , by All !

    Love the images of mom combing the son’s hair while he does his last minute home work, dusting furniture, house cleaning etc etc .

    Thanks Praxy – for giving us all a lesson on what it takes to raise kids + husband !!



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