7 thoughts on “A ‘Ducky’ Story – Nisantha”

  1. Thanks Nisantha for this heart warming story.Do our psychiatrists have a name for this strange behaviour.? Post natal mania followed by imprinting.? Eddie.


  2. Nisantha,

    That is a very cute story. It is from birth attachments or something. It is a heart warming story [ to quote EDDIE! ]. Thank you for sharing.



  3. My dear Nisantha,

    A fantastic story and exquisite presentation
    Never seen before and thank you for sharing
    The story though unbelevable appears very real
    With mother narure our understanding still not level

    Prolactin here changed instincts of even a carnivore
    Goes to prove there isn’t real ownership for our behaviour
    Both animals and humans mere puppets of their chemicals
    And neural transmittors in the Brains dictate all our actions


  4. Dear Nissantha

    Thank you for posting this adorable video highlighting “inter parenting “and “adoptive behaviour “between two animals of two different species the cat and the ducklings.

    As we all know the his type of adoption happen more frequently among domestic animals. Exceptions are the tiger raising a piglet,
    The images posted above by Sam (thanks) are a few more pics of adoptive behaviour.

    Can ducks Suckle?.

    Agree with Eddie, the explanation to adoptive behaviour between two species is due to the “filial imprinting” or imprinting . The new born / or hatched ,learn to recognise the the unique characters of the other.resulting in “cross imprinting”. It is the process where by the sensory impulses encountered by hatching is immediately and irreversibly shaped in to the animals brain.
    It is conceivable that any animal exposed exclusively to a member of a different species might happily call it mum.

    Nissantha !avoid newly born chicks and ducklings unless you are ready to take on the responsibilities of parent hood😀😀


  5. A more simplified answer- Instinct and Love –
    The newborn instinctively knows how to respond to LOVE .
    Mother Instinct and Mother Love .


  6. When I saw this video I was fascinated. I appreciate all the comments. As Ariya put it Oxytocin in the Cat with the new litter made her adopt the ducks as her own.

    There are interesting pictures in addition to the ones that Sam kindly posted if you surf the internet.

    Yes Rani these baby ducks were able to suckle. They were latched on to the cats nipples when the cat was lifted up to be moved to a different place. Now that is adaptation.



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