7 thoughts on “Imagine with lyrics- Eddie”

  1. Imagine by John Lennon – I never get tired of listening to this song sung by anyone especially the original. Thanks Eddie for posting it.



  2. Thank you Nisantha and Simone for listening to Imagine by John Lennon.For those of us not interested in this man,let me highlight a few important facts.John is in my view,the musical genius behind the Beatles.More than a songwriter he was a philosopher as you can see from the lyrics which are his own.He was a man of our time but different.His anti war (1960s)protests earned him the wrath of President Nixon, resulting in a deportation order from USA ( he is an Englishman from Liverpool).He and his fans fought the order and it was reversed!!.He married Yoko Ono( Japanese) and lived in Manhattan for sometime.He was shot and killed by a fan( John Chapman) as he walked out of the Dakota building when he was just 47.He took 5 years off from all publicity and the limelight to look after his new born son Sean.He was clearly ahead of his time in many ways.If one gives ear to the words in this song,it is clear where many of our problems lie.Roll back time, the Crusades! the jihads! the Mughals of India and more recently the plight of the Rohingiyas.Imagine is an utopian dream.Will his dream ever come true?We have a long way to go from Dystopia to Utopia. Eddie


  3. ” Imagine The Day, When the World Will Live as One … ”

    We can only Dream … with what is going on in the world now with Walls, Borders, Boat drownings, Rohinigya and the list goes on .

    Oh Eddie – your sure touched a chord in my soul.. with this song – I just LOVE it and believe every word of it ..
    Thanks a lot for waking up A Sleeping Giant within my Soul …

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