9 thoughts on “Old Music- Praxy”

  1. Bravo Praxy.That is delightful dance music of the sixties.”Cherry pink and apple blossom white”,In Cha Cha Cha rhythm.I used to listen to Perez Prado and his orchestra who I think played it first..The Saxophone adds flavour to any music.! Cha cha cha is really Cuban in origin..Eddie.


    1. Yes I love 💕 that music with the saxophone. As you said the saxophone 🎷 adds a sort of enchantment. Praxy


  2. Praxy,

    We used to dance to this music at Block night & Jeevaka hostel dinner dance. Eddie gave a lot of details of origin; of this number “Cherry Pink & Apple blossom White.”. Saxaphone add a lot of MUSCLE to it. Thanks, Prax. WIMAL


  3. Praxy,

    One more thing on “Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White”; We had a single 45 rpm record of this in Men’s Common Room & I remember ,Cletus [ I.C.M ] Fernando & I played that on the Radiogram in the Common Room. Good Memories!!



  4. Thanks Praxy for the toe tapping , heart racing rendition of the music video clip. It has such a ” soultry “soul searching ” effect on the listener, that I feel like turning back the clock to -50yrs.

    I too prefer the TENOR Sax to Alto Sax. Wow do you like Kenny g’s saxo.alto. Music. It’s MESMERIZING


  5. Thanks Praxy for the Cherrypink and apple blossom time played by Prime Minister RANIL on the sax, with his cherry pink lips!


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