12 thoughts on “Head. gear. Of yesteryear – Rani”

  1. Dear Rani,
    It is fascinating to see all the head gear worn over the ages and how the present head gear has evolved after so many generations. When you look at head gear…. -hats worn by the elite at special occasions I wonder how on earth milliners design them. When our son was awarded the Duke of Edinborough award we had t go to St James’s palace, It was compulsory to wear a hat. Coming for Sri Lanka and never worn a hat in my life I was very nervous and was clinging on to the hat in case it got blown away. Every 5 minutes my hands were on the hat in case it fell, off or something drastic happened at the palace. That was the first and hopefully the last time I will wear any head gear. Praxy


    1. Praxy please post your photo,the proud,smart lady,in PALACE attire, , A Smart dress ,high heel shoes a matching bag and a hat,attending the son’s graduation.


      1. Yes- Praxy- we want to see you the Proud Mom , in your Buckingham Palace Attire !
        Post it please .


  2. Thanks Rani for the pics of the Head Gear of Days Gone By .
    I see some of the photos above with men wearing the Navi Panawa .

    My Seeya used to wear the Navi Panawa with the Tweed Redda and Coat all buttoned up with gold buttons .
    I still have an old photo of him in this attire, taken on his 80 th bday in Matara .
    I think he was born in 1875 .

    Love the traditional Kandyan Nilame Head Gear – very impressive and regal looking .

    The Head Gear in Africa- is most lovely- the way the women wear the cloth wrapped in many different styles ,in very colorful cotton material.
    There was quite the display of these special lovely head gear during Nelson Mandela’s funeral .

    The only hat I wear is my hiking hat / Cap – so I wont get burnt by the sun- I dont need a tan !



    1. Yeas Deepthie,my Seeya and the great great grand father”s wore the “Panawa”

      IThe Nami Panama was shaped like a horse shoe,and was worn by those in the Southern and Western coastal areas holding high ranking posts. It was the trend in 1940s.
      The upright “Kelin”Panawa ” was also popular at that time . It was made out of gold, silver ,with precious stones embedded in it .
      The simple Panawas made out of turtle or tortoise shells, and was worn by workers.
      The post shows the Kandyan dancer’s head dress,and the turban worn by the tea plantation workers or fishermen.

      The group shows chiefs of Kandyan monarchy,Dissavas,and Adigars wearing their head gear


  3. For any Hindu Tamil wedding the BRIDE GROOM has to wear the TURBAN.Both couples’ FATHERS have to wear the TURBAN when they go bless the couple.

    Maharojani and Sreetharan.


  4. My grand father wore the Nilame outfit on a daily basis to go to work. He had the fancy Nilame outfit for special occasions. All my brothers got married wearing the Nilame outfit and the bride wearing the nine pendants.



    1. Puzzled as to whether the Queen’s Birthday Parade Organisers were hearing our discussions when seeing a
      Sikh soldier making history at Queen’s official birthday parade appearing with TURBAN in the parade.
      Sree .


      1. I did not see he Queens Birthday Parade Sreemaha. May be the discussion on the blog had a telepathic effect?.?


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