15 thoughts on “Guess who is coming for dinner- Ariya”

  1. Thanks Ariya. Yes, it is a beautiful clip of many virtues essential in our lives ,portrayed by this herd of elephants.In all encounters, whether it be animal or human it is the building of trust that endures the relationship.Once trust is built it prevails for a long time.It has always been said that elephants have exceptional memory and here it is abundantly clear that they do remember past encounters very well. Edddie


    1. Thanks dear Eddie, for your wonderful contributions
      Batch benefits hugely from your knowledge, immense
      I am sure the rest like myself be grateful, keep it coming
      Sam has given us an opportunity for extensive learning


  2. Thanks Ariya, I have seen it before,Indeed it is an amazing video clip, that one could view many times as the flavour improves with every additional View of this natural,graceful phenomenon of the elephants


    1. Thanks Simone,
      My dear friend, you are widely read and travelled
      This is the First time I saw when it came from a friend
      The batch web is wonderful as Praxy often mentions
      RU sixty four, has a private ‘Facebook’ grateful to Sam


    1. dear Indrajee,

      Thanks for your remark which is absolutely true
      Majestic vegetarian creatures have a fab memory
      They came to grab tasty dinner grown on a tree
      Great after having their meal dispersed smoothly


    1. Thanks Seelan,
      Wild or domesticated elephants, supposed to have a good memory
      I wonder the outcome be if hoteliers had chopped the mangoe tree
      Their mammoth power & anger enough to ransack the whole resturant
      Man & beast in harmony sharing products of nature is the correct thing


  3. Thanks Ariya. Seen it before but lovely to see it again. If the villagers in SL can leave a pathway for the elephants there will be less of the human elephant conflict.


  4. Dear Ariya,
    Nice video clip of ”Guess who is coming to dinner” You don’t have to watch the film but watch these elephants. They are lovely. Praxy


  5. Thanks Ariya for the video clip of Elephants in the Hotel Lobby .

    I wonder, if this was a path that the elephants have taken in their annual migration in years gone by, and the hotel was built recently on the migration path of the elephants .

    Anyway- these elephants – specially the b ‘nature photographers ‘ to harass these innocent, majestic, yet vulnarable creatures of nature , passing through the hotel lobby .
    I only hope that there will not be a Papparazzi of Nature Photographers/ Tourists / Poachers , that will come to harasse these lovely, yet vulnarable creatures of Nature .

    A lovely beach off Thailand was just closed to tourists recently to protect it from Human Impact- to let the beach recover .
    This is very sad .

    Pray that this herd of elephants be safe . We Humans surely know How to Destroy What We Love ….


  6. My dear Deepthie,

    If ever their is a true nature lover, in the batch must be you
    Your considerate view of preserving wild life, came throigh
    Tolerance live & let live in our community a commodity rare
    Might is right for such humans this example is worth to bear



  7. My dear Deepthie,

    This senile guy in twilight zone is on a slippery slope
    Every line he writes illustrates it with many mistakes
    Till he gets cataract operation done, please be patient
    Decline profound & friality of being human, is obviuos



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