Best Wishes to Mahilal!

Mahilal BD edit

Happy Birthday Mahilal,

One of the youngest guys to join our batch
Renown gynaecologist in Antipodian patch
Mahilal, celebrations on account of your birth
Are held jubilently today in four corners of earth

Please accept felicitations sent from our humble home
Proud of your achievements bringing the kith & kin fame
An erudite gentleman noble, who never does anyone harm
Aristocrat with a humble heart and a smile, radiant & charm

Lives an impeccable life within the teaching of the Buddha
Benovolant thoughts, meritorius deeds & polite kind words
Send good wishes to you and Mahila for a healthy long life
Filled with joy & contentment throughout, devoid of strife
Ariya and Thavamani

HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to you my dear friend Mahilal !

I hope this day will be a Happy Day for you, and may all the Days Ahead be Happy Days too , to enjoy with your lovely Mahila and family .

I do recall, very fondly, how we met in Palmeston North, New Zealand – back in 1991 I think, it was, when you first arrived in New Zealand and we met at Ahnainmugan’s place  .

You were alone then, and feeling very , very homesick for family left behind in Sri Lanka, and you almost cried , when I said ‘ good bye ‘ to you that day !

Now, we have all come along , a long , long way since then !

It was great to have met  you and lovely Mahila in 2014 and hope we meet again in this year too .

Best Wishes-  Deepthie .


15 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Mahilal!”

  1. Dear Mahilal,
    Many happy returns of the day & wish you a happy & healthy future.
    I am having some problem attending the RU-18
    I hope you can visit us in Sydney one day – I can organise a mini RU.


    1. Dear Mahilal, I recommend you to accept the offer
      Thavam and myself were lucky to have the honour
      Seelan & Jean, excellent hosts, many would vouch
      Visit our Maha rajah & queen at Botany Bay palace


  2. Happy Birthday- Mahilal. Great to be able to wish from one Gynecologist to another!!. Iranthie & I , remember the great time we had in Brisbane , & meeting your wonderful wife; Mahila. I hope she followed up my direction to open an ART GALLERY, displaying her paintings. She is a God Given Tallanted Painter!!. You can retire & she will make double income from her exceptional paintings. Have a great day, great life & say Hello to Mahila from Iranthie & Wimal.



    1. Dear Mahilal,

      It gives me great pleasure to wish a wonderful gentleman a fantastic birthday.I remember your visits to Jeevaka

      with joy.

      I hope you are still playing the piano accordion .You were great at it!

      With very best regards to you and family.


  3. Wish you a very happy birthday Mahilal and may you have many more joyous birthdays with your dear wife, Mahila and the family. You being the only other batch mate in sunny Brisbane , it has always been a pleasure sharing your company with each others families.

    Our friendship goes a long way to the Bhakthi Geetha days as Buddhist Brotherhood students when you provided accompaniment tirelessly on your piano accordion.

    Abey & Mala


  4. Hi Manilal,
    Belated good wishes on your birthday for good health and contentment in the years to come. A birthday at our age is blessing!


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