19 thoughts on “For all the bird lovers – Praxy”

  1. Thank you Praxy.What a beautiful collection of birds with a very appropriate song to accompany the dazzling array of colour.Unfortunately, our indigenous crow is left out in all these collections.It is a beautifully shaped bird with the shiniest black colour.Add to this the it’s crafty character and we have one of our own inimitable birds.The Koha( Koel ) , is even craftier, as it lays it’s eggs in the crow’s nest and fools the crow into incubating the eggs for her.! Eddie


    1. Dear Eddie

      Our crow is the vehicle for The Powerful Saturn [ Planet in the form of a deity] in Astrology.

      You must visit the Tower Of London to know the respect our crows have.

      The ravens are now treated almost LIKE ROYALTY IN U.K . Like the Royals, the ravens live in a palace and are waited on by servants. They are kept at public expense, but in return they must show themselves to the public in settings of great splendour. So long as they abide by certain basic rules, neither Royals nor ravens have to do anything extraordinary. If the power in question is political and diplomatic, the Royals now have hardly more than the ravens. But the word “power” here can also mean the aura of glamour and mystery which at times envelops both ravens and monarchs.[24]

      Each Tower raven has a different coloured band on one leg, to make it easier to identify individual birds.Ravens in captivity in the Tower grounds have had lifespans of over 40 years.

      The Ravens of the Tower of London are a group of at least six captive ravens which live at the Tower of London.Their presence is traditionally believed to protect the Crown and the tower; a superstition holds that “if the Tower of London ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it”

      Another request for our own Eagle – Please learn Bakasana – CROW POSE – in addition to your own Garudasana – EAGLE POSE – AND SHOW OUR FRIENDS AT R.U 2018,HOW TO “FLY ABOUT WITH EXCELLENT HEALTH”.

      Kind regards



      1. Thanks Sreemaha, Yes, the ravens in the Tower of London are an important facet of the British royalty and their continuity.Now, with Meghan Markle, the princess, an addition to the royal household,it will be a double endorsement for the longevity of the monarchy.!.Eddie.


      2. HI Sree !
        So, you give me Home work — Eagle pose and now Crow Pose !
        I will have to do some work on Google to learn this pose !

        I can do The Crow Hop– like the way the Ojibway- Lakota- Cree people dance at the Pow wow !
        I am attending my first Pow Wow for the season, on sunday- and I will try and learn the Crow Hop Dance step- but, there is no one to play the Big Pow Wow Drum !
        Anyway- this Crow Hop is Men Only Dance — there are strict rules as to who can dance what at a Pow Wow .

        eagledeepthie .


      3. Deepthie

        There is another bird in the Yoga world – Mayurasana is Peacock pose, I used to do without support when I was 14. Now I do with support.

        Now that Peacocks have been thought about can Dharma or any one else tell me where you can find peacocks,peahens and peachickens living naturally in Europe?



    2. HI Eddie – great story on the Koha and the Crow .
      In my next life, I want to be born a Koha and let the Crow pay my rent + utilities and raise my kids too to boot !!


      1. Deepthie

        I am reminded about what my brother who turned out to be Scholarship winning Livestock Officer when we were secondary school children when I read about your comments “I want to be born a Koha and let the Crow pay my rent + utilities and raise my kids too to boot !!”.

        One of my cousins had sheltered pigeons in his house.From their nests my brother brought Pigeon’s egg and he kept quietly under the hen which was left with half a dozen eggs by mother to get chicken.When the hen’s eggs hatched and six chicken were coming out my mother was shocked to see tiny rotten eggs.When she called all of us to show the puzzle only my naughty brother came out with his experiment and revealed that the small ones were pigeon eggs.

        The peacocks,pea hens and pea chicken are found living naturally in U/K in Brown Sea Island near Bournemouth with rabbits which jump to almost 12 feet height.In Europe they are found in eastern part of Switzerland.One of the peacocks that reached a Murugan { Kataragama Deviyo’s ) temple was purley white in colour.

        With Google Search I find so many interesting sites to spend time on.Some of them are:

        2.Birding Tours and Wildlife Holidays in the UK and Worldwide
        3.Lee G. R. Evans.

        My A Level Teacher,who is the father of a Consultant at Middlesex Hospital showed my own drawings of birds as part of the syllabus for biology in the BIOLOGY text book he published and keeping as his treasure as he is almost ninety now.

        Praxy has made all of us to fly with wings.Only Seelan is keeping quiet.Can the EAGLE roam in the sky over BOTANY BAY and pick him up with your claws and put him in cage with the most intelligently speaking parrots and get a video of him saying some thing in parrot language.



  2. Thanks Praxy. It is indeed a lovely collection of colorful birds. I agree with Eddie. However this is done in another country and not in Asia.



  3. Dear Praxy,

    Thanks a million for pictures and write up on our feathered friends

    As the well sung song illustrates ‘born free friends’ delight our eyes

    Their psichodalic colours, nimble movements and beautiful singings

    Are natures wonderful gifts to man mesmerise our eyes and the ears



  4. Praxy,

    That arrangement was beautiful & so were the photos of BIRDS!!. I enjoy anything so well illustrated & your thoughtfulness to share it.



    1. Hey Wimal And Sam– !
      I do think of our Bird Watching trips , when I was in Florida, this past February .
      Burrowing Owls– gotta be the CUTEST AND THE BEST !
      Thanks to both of you .
      eagledeepthie .


  5. Thanks Praxy for sharing this captivating video of the collection of birds.

    I am certain that Birders as well the others ,will agree with my view,that the images with the back

    ground music, have captured the emotions and feelings of a the viewers.

    It conveys the “free living”. Of birds and the mood of Freedom of living” for us.

    Can the Birders ( like Deepthie)translate the evidence of birds emotions when they look at the images

    of their feathered friends?

    Eyes-wide open eyes in the image alarmed, fear?
    Anger by posture?

    It will definitely tell a story to “tug at the heart strings ” by translating a video of collection of birds,


    1. HI Rani– yes- birds do change their posture etc when threatened.

      Some birds have special feathers on their heads that ‘stand up’ , flap their wings in a different way, when confronted with danger , and they also have different ‘bird calls ‘ that they use when they see predators .

      This is well illustrated by Robins — when the Robins start ‘screaming and screeching ‘– watch out- there is an owl or some other predator bird near by .
      Indeed, this is how I managed to see the Barred Owl with the Headless garter snake – last year, during a Nature Walk at our local park — visit the blog – Halloween – 2017 Oct 31 post .
      Ravens in my area- start to screech- when there is a Red Fox/ Wolf/ Coyote near by .

      Loons on the lake give the’ alarm call’- when the Comorants come by- as both are very aggressive birds when it comes to snagging the best fish .

      Ducks of all kinds give the ‘Alarm call ‘ when the Loons come by- as Loons are fierce hunters of duck chicks .

      Birds sure give the first 911 Alarm Call to all Natures Creatures .



  6. Thank you Praxy for sharing the beautiful range of birds. It’s facinating when one admires God’s creation. Are you one of those who go bird watching!!


  7. Thanks Praxy for the bird show !

    About the Raven- that Eddie and Sree were talking about, it is very interesting to know the Ravens at Tower of London .

    Here is a Haida Nation Tribe Story of Raven Steals The Sun–
    The Haida Nation is one of the Indigenous Tribes of the Pacific Coast of Canada and USA .– the People of the Totem Poles and of Gwaii Haanas Totem Poles of Haida Gwaii .

    The Raven is known among the Indigenous People of Canada and America as The Trickster .

    Back in the Day- when the world was a dark place, the birds and animals were tired of moving around in the dark, and they appealed to the Raven, to trick the old man and his daughter- who lived in a hut, by the river, who kept the Sun Stone locked up in a set of seven boxes .

    The Raven did manage to trick the old man ( another story by it self !! ) and stole the Sun Stone .
    Now, with the Sun Stone , firmly locked in its beak, it started to fly around — And Voila !!- There was Light !

    The Eagle- was not going to be out done by a mere Raven-
    It chased the Raven, there was a mighty Battle in The Sky for the Sun Stone .

    During this battle for the Sun Stone- and the Raven lost its hold on the Sun Stone and it fell off its beak .

    During the free fall of the Sun Stone- it splintered into many pieces.
    The Largest – became The Sun .
    The next became the Mooon and the Planets .
    The smallest pieces became the Stars .

    This is The Story of The Raven Steals The Sun – By the Haida Nation .
    Also- it is interesting that the Haida Nation has only Two Clans- Raven Clan and Eagle Clan – and one not allowed to marry its own clan – Raven Clan can only marry an Eagle Clan person .

    Read the full story of Raven Steals The Sun on google – I suppose it is there- though I have not viewed this .
    I know the story from the book ‘Raven Steals The Sun’ by the late Haida Artist- Raven Steals The Sun .

    Back to the Ravens of The Tower of London — The Lovely Dark Maiden Meghan Markle- The Raven Girl– surely Stole The Windsor Son !!

    There is one thing I know- The Raven is NOT going to Steal Deepthie’s Sun !!
    eagledeepthie .


    1. Deepthie

      There is another bird in the Yoga world – Mayurasana is Peacock pose, I used to do without support when I was 14. Now I do with support.

      Now that Peacocks have been thought about can Dharma or any one else tell me where you can find peacocks,peahens and peachickens living naturally in Europe?



      1. HI Sree,
        I dont know about Peacocks ‘ living naturally ‘ in Europe .
        They do live in Canada and winter over in heated barns .
        I have seen them in farms in New Zealand a long time ago, and now, in Arizona – where I go bird watching .

        Demonstrate to us the Mayurasana Yoga posture to us please when we meet in Beruwala and I am sure we can find you the help you need for this !

        Thanks Sree for your lovely comments on Yoga Posture and its relation to birds .
        Good Wishes to you and Maha .
        eagledeepthie .


  8. I forgot one thing — it was the Peacocks at Yala that raised the 911 Call , with their mournful hypnotic call, as soon as they felt the earth quake that caused the tsunami on Dec 26th – 2004 .

    This warning and the ” alarm ” that the animals displayed eg: elephants , deer etc that raced to higher grounds and other birds ( unusual bat screeching in the morning ) , was really ignored by many .

    NO one really listened To the Call of Nature – so to speak and paid a heavy price – specially in Yala.
    The tourists that ran to see the animals racing up hill to safe ground perished …


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