11 thoughts on “Best Wishes to MLD!

  1. My Dear Friend; SIR LUCKY!!. Happy Birthday to you. Great to see a smiling face. I have several connections to you; you sat next to me in Med School for 5 Years & tolerated me; You are distantly related to me [ Hope you don’t regret that!!!]; we have been in touch & seen each other over times; I have a “Dust Mite” allergy ,just like your wife, Shiranthie; My wife’s name is the first two letters off your wife’s name [ iranthie]. This is why, Iranthie joins me wishing our great friend a Very happy birthday & many more to come.



  2. Happy Birthday to my fellow Canadian Buddy !

    Remember how we met at Heathrow many, many years ago ( dec 1978 ) when we were all travelling to SL with our little kids back then , ?
    I do recall that you did something real funny that day at the Heathrow – and it took away the boredom of Airport Rasthiyadu !

    Now that your Humerus is fixed up after the fracture, your Humour is Fixed too I presume – so time for One Man Sit Down Comedy at RU- 2018 !
    So- give us a good Sit Com !

    Enjoy your Happy Day with Siranthie and kids and grandkids .
    See you in Beruwala !
    eagledeepthie .


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