11 thoughts on “Best Wishes to MLD!”

  1. Many happy returns of the day MLD. All the best now and years to come.

    Hope to see you in October.

    Nisantha and Piching


  2. My Dear Friend; SIR LUCKY!!. Happy Birthday to you. Great to see a smiling face. I have several connections to you; you sat next to me in Med School for 5 Years & tolerated me; You are distantly related to me [ Hope you don’t regret that!!!]; we have been in touch & seen each other over times; I have a “Dust Mite” allergy ,just like your wife, Shiranthie; My wife’s name is the first two letters off your wife’s name [ iranthie]. This is why, Iranthie joins me wishing our great friend a Very happy birthday & many more to come.



  3. Happy Birthday to my fellow Canadian Buddy !

    Remember how we met at Heathrow many, many years ago ( dec 1978 ) when we were all travelling to SL with our little kids back then , ?
    I do recall that you did something real funny that day at the Heathrow – and it took away the boredom of Airport Rasthiyadu !

    Now that your Humerus is fixed up after the fracture, your Humour is Fixed too I presume – so time for One Man Sit Down Comedy at RU- 2018 !
    So- give us a good Sit Com !

    Enjoy your Happy Day with Siranthie and kids and grandkids .
    See you in Beruwala !
    eagledeepthie .


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