17 thoughts on “Old Brands”

  1. Thanks Rani. I can remember all of them.
    The Parker Quink is still available in Sydney. I still got a blue ink bottle which I bought few years back & I use it to wet the Stamp pad. I used to have a Parker pen but no more.


  2. Thank you Rani for that nostalgic journey
    Ballpoint engulfed the ink well, a tragedy
    Match sticks do exist with changed identity
    To the tooth paste, powder lost its credibility


  3. Thanks Rani.Memories are made of these!
    There appears to be a shortage of KI and red phosphorus in Sri Lanka at the moment and the 100 year old safety match industry is in peril.Is the 2 elephant brand still available?
    As for Quink, it is the trade mark for Quick and Ink = Quink. Quick drying ink not requiring blotting paper.!
    I think Shelltox was withdrawn because of it’s toxicity on humans. However, it did kill the mosquitos in the days gone by.
    Alerics,I remember the juke box more than the delicious ice creams. Eddie


  4. Dear Rani,
    Thank you for your trip down memory lane. Yes I can remember all if hem especially Alerics Ice cream that was so tasty and their Knicker Bocker Glory. Those were the days when we enjoyed the simple things in life .Sometimes i do wish if we could turn back the clocks. Praxy


  5. Thanks Rani – I do remember all these brands.

    I still own a fountain pen that I use on special occasions. I use a German brand of ink. In German ink is called “ Tinta “ like in Singhala.
    Prof G P Malasekera , before he could speak 6 foreign languages was appointed as The Ceylon Ambassador to Germany. He had gone to a stationary store to buy ink for his pen. He had used all kinds of gestures , sign languages to buy some ink. The store owner had brought him, paper, Pencil, erasers ,and all kinds of writing material but not ink. Finally he got angry and spoken in singhala. “ Diyang Yako Thinta “ you devil get me ink. The store owner had exclaimed “ Oh ! Tinta “ and brought him his ink. Scouts honor this is a true story.



  6. I remember the grade school days when the desk tops had ink wells, and the we were obliged to use simple pens with nibs. Teachers used the red Quink. Later pens got a bit advanced with the advent of “Parker Pen” with a re-fillable ink bladder, all vanished when the ball points became the writing tool of choice. Thanks for the post Rani


  7. My grand father taught me to clean my teeth with 2 items.They should be still available in Sri Lanka.
    One item is ash obtained by burning husk of paddy grains.
    The other item is margosa stick .
    My grand father had all his teeth up to almost age 90 and his third right third molar tooth erupted on this special birthday.A paper reporter known to him published this in the paper also.
    We must go back to live with nature and things will always be available.



    1. Dear Sree
      I can remember our servants used some sort of charcoal I think to brush their teeth and I think. I have used some sort of tooth paste powder at some stage and if I remember correct it was pink in colour. Hope my memory is correct. Praxy


    2. My dear Sree,

      I am pleased to hear of well preserved teeth of your grand parents
      The experience of my village folks too was similar in the olden days
      Glistening white teeth into old age despite regular chewing of betals
      Probably due to the power of charcoal with its antibacterial prowess


  8. Thanks Rani, We visited our mother-in- law at Ambalangoda during the weekend. Villages still use cinnamon anguru as toothpaste. I also had to use cinnamon anguru to clear my teeth as requested by my motherinlaw.


    1. My dear Indrajith,

      Thanks Indrajith for reminding us අඟුරැ as tooth cleaner
      That was exactly me & my village folks used year on year
      Did the job well, cleaning qualities of carbon is well known
      To reminize our good old days practices is truly refreshing


    2. Dear All
      I forgot to mention that the old method of cleaning with charcoal has been resurrected in UK.

      Ranjit uses a toothpaste called ECODENTA -BLACK WHITENING TOOTHPASTE This is actually made of charcoal and something called Teavigo,. This toothpaste is actually black in colour ( not cheap by any means even though it uses charcoal ).

      So this goes to show how the age old methods of cleaning teeth with charcoal was a very good idea. Praxy


  9. I am so Glad to know the “old Brands” triggered an attack of ” HYPERTHYMESIA” among the batch mates. ( to be able to remember much more than the average person”😀😀😀

    QUINK. Yes Eddie. The word QUINK” ( a PORTMANTEAU” word from Quick and INk) was developed by the Parker CO in 1930

    Thanks Nissantha for the most hilarious, interesting true “THINTHA”story, about Professor Malalaseker’S dilemma in Germany , in a stationary shop , .

    Seelan glad to know you have invented an optional use To utilise the QUINK on the seal box.
    Yes Sam before the era of Parker Pens , it was the Pens with” NIBS” and ink wells on the desks that did the writing…

    I agree with you, Ariya the Ball point pens Have stormed the world, outnumbering the olden EcO friendly writing

    PICCADILLY- in Wellawatte it was definitely a very popular place among the younger generation at that time. Yes Praxy , it was one of my favourite place, to hang out with my friends. For some as you say it was the tasty ALERICS ICE cream,
    To me the JUKE BOx (as mentioned by Eddie) was the driving force, to go there,. When ever I had a few coins to spare, to drop in to the Juke box to listen to Elvis Presely’songs and enjoy a few moments of musical bliss
    at a time when cassettes and CDs were not available

    Match Box-

    I believe that manufacturing “Strike any where Matches” minimise the use of dwindling reserves of Phosphorus as mentioned by Eddie, .

    In the latter Phosphorus sesquisulphide is incorporated to the head of match stick with other chemicals and require less amounts of Phosphorus than impregnating
    the sides of the striking sides of the match box??

    Venus Pencils. – it was the saviour of Artist, and was too costlier for the ordinary students

    Shell toxic– Banned due to its Hazardous effects.

    GOLDEN SYRUP – Those were the days , the Green Golden Syrup tin on the breakfast table , triggered a mouth watering greediness in to the system.

    Is it forgotten because of the sugar free diet trend?

    Go pal Tooth Powder,,.agree with Sreemaha, Indrajijith. Natural Eco friendly teeth cleaning products are much healthier. Yes Praxy I too can remember the Pink Gopal tooth powder was a hit among the workers

    Not to mention that Sensodyme. Do u experience headaches well the NO side effects?.


  10. Quick Quink Thinking !!

    Quink Ink – and Parker Pen– OMG- this is what I used right through med school–Parker 51 – I think was the famous brand name, and my father gave this to me as gift when I stared med school in 1964 !!- and I think, I used it even during my Internship days at Ragama .

    Kohomba toothpaste and Gopal dath beheth- Charcoal- I have used them all , and still use Rani Sadun Saban ( Rani Sandlwood Soap ) and Neem soap- Kohomba Saban– even to this day– .
    I bought both these soaps from Colombo in 2014 and when that stock was over, I went to the Srilankan Grocery store with Rajes, and bought more of them for my daily use .
    Next time, I must look for Rexona Soap !
    Actually – I tell the folks here in my Garden Club – the merits of Neem soap / Neem Oil as a good organic pest control method, and also tell them about how I used Charcoal for teeth cleaning, along with a Kohomba stick .
    The theory is — Neem ( Azadirecta indica _) acts by slowing down the eating/ reproduction and there by the growth of the pests and eventually the pest will die off . — Insect Growth Retardant .
    I know that kohomba leaves are put into rice and grain bags in SL/ Asia- for the same reason- to kill off the veewils .

    Shell Tox— Wow !!-it is a miracle I am still alive after inhaling all that DDT .
    The servants who were Buddhists did not want to kill the mosquitoes- so , it was job to spray the whole house at dusk almost every day .

    Alerics– 25cts for a cone at Galle Face Green , in the day- which was our Sunday Outing and Treat !!

    Rani — Many Thanks !!
    What a Trip down Memory Lane !


    1. It is strange that I have not heard of Neem soap till it was mentioned in our gardening blog. I do love Rani Sandalwood soap and each time I visit Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 I bring loads of that soap. Also I must mention that I like the taste of Cloguard toothpaste and that too I bring loads with me . Praxy


  11. Praxy Proof of “Great Minds think alike” my favourite soap is also Rani Sandal Wood Soap.I get my annual stock when I go to SriLanka

    My note on Sensodyme “NO” is Nitrates, it has Potassium nitrates – vasodilatation – Migraine pardon if I am wrong

    Also now that we are on the topic of tooth paste, refer to the image Sam will Post (thanks) which will give you some very useful information, I am certain most of you have never noticed it before. Please let us know if you checked the stripes on the tooth paste tube. Numbers will add glory to the blog


  12. The stripes at the lower end of tooth paste tube will help those who prefers tooth paste with natural COMPOSITION

    BLACK stripe – all chemicals

    RED- stripe- chemicals + Natural

    BLUE stripe– Natural+ Medicinal

    GREEN stripe–Natural


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