Best Wishes to Naomi!

Naomi BD 2018


Happy Birthday to you my dear Naomi .

Enjoy this day with your family and friends, way out in Sydney, Australia .

Seems a long  , long way , away,  that we went in our own directions after  that  great start at Kynsey Rd  some 54 yrs ago .

 It was just wonderful seeing you at the RU – 64  2014 , and you were a great on the stage,   on the comedy skit !

  I am looking forward to seeing you again in 2018 Beruwala .

Have Very Happy Birthday today and enjoy many more , in the years to come .

 Your good friend- Deepthie .

13 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Naomi!”

  1. Dear Naomi,

    Wish you a fantastic birthday
    when met after many decades at Seelan’s,
    What stuck us was years had not touch you
    May you continue to have good health and joy
    And a long cheerful life with peace and happiness

    Ariya & Thavam


  2. Hi Naomi
    Happy birthday Naomi. May your special day be perfect in every way.
    Pl make another trip to Adelaide so that we can take you around and show you some special places
    Selvi. &. Satha


  3. Dear Naomi

    Wish you A Very Happy Birthday. We have not met each other since graduation. Hope you are keeping well. Recently I met Lukshmi in London after many years,she is in Melbourne . We met up with Praxy and Swarna exchanged a lot of memories from college days. How are your siblings ? Hope they are all well.
    With best wishes and love


  4. Many happy returns of the day Naomi. May you be blessed with good health and contentment in the years to come. It was good to meet you after many years at the last RU in 2014.


  5. Dear Naomi,
    Belated birthday wish to you for Happy and healthy year ahead. It was so nice to see you in 2014. hope to see you again in this year.



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