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This is a new feature I am starting today.  I am looking for images from the sixties, and prior in SriLanka. I am sure many of you recognize this very popular eatery  on Galle Rd Wellawattha.

Please feel free to share your stories and comments.















Hi Sam, Herewith a bit of history to go with your recent post.

Wellawatte , as the name says was a garden by the sea in the past
The two pics  of the Wellawatte canal are from the past and present.
The canal has an interesting history.It was created by CT Layard in 1872.In the old pic , it is titled Layard’s folly as the first canal was not deep enough to allow the flood waters to flow into the sea.Later it was deepened and became a good source of canal travel.In. The fifties, we are told that many vegetable vendors would bring their produce by boat from Piliyandala and beyond to sell their vegetables to the folk in Wellawatte and Dehiwela.Then came the squatters and the pollution from the spinning and weaving mills clogged the canal again.The people who lived by the canal, were known as the people of Ela- Kandiya.
But there is more to the people of Elakandiya.The beautiful Anula Kulatilleke was spotted crossing the canal by a film cameraman and she was the star in Golu Hadawatha.Remember her ?
What an interesting outcome from Layard’s folly to the the silver screen.I am sure there are many more stories to tell in and around the canal.


7 thoughts on ““Memories””

  1. I have been there – many Fridays. Their Masala Dosai & Iddly were the best in town. MMMMMM… My mouth is watering!


  2. My dear Sam,
    Memory is the diary stubborn minds, lovingly carry
    Indented in my brain is adoring lodge ‘Saraswathie’
    Hardest to erase as I did flock there, when hungry
    For five long years helped to fill the hungry tummy


  3. Oh Saraswathi !

    She was right in front of the bus stand closest to Holy Family Convent – and I would see it every day, twice day for 10 years- from 1953- 1963 and after that when ever I would pass that way .

    All the boys from St Peters College and beyond would gather there, when school was over , to ‘Stand and Stare’ at the Good Convent Girls .
    I must say, no one stood there to look at this writer ! , who was just an Innocent Bystander !

    Many a romance was started in this way — some ended in good lasting marraiges, even up to today, some were doomed from the start, and some lasted a few years and were Gone With the Wind !

    I never dared to go in there to eat the Forbidden Fruits of Saraswatie , as I never really saw any one of the female gender ever walking in there, or out of there .

    There was the Asoka Book Store next to it, with all the school text books and supplies.
    Dharmadasa Brothers Books and Magazines next to Asoka, by the laneway , that we Good Convent Girls would sneak in and out, ( after having taken the Blue and White School tie off ! ) to look at the handsome faces of the Hollywood Stars and Singers like Elvis Presley, Pat Boone, Ricky Nelson, and others , along with Marylyn Monroe Liz Taylor, Clark Gable, Garry Cooper and Ah- James Dean… for ever young ..

    Thanks Sam- your sure opened and unleashed The Flood Gates of Memory Water Fall !!



    1. Dear Deepthie,
      You have reminded me once again of our school days especially how we used to remove the blue and white stripe tie when we were up to mischief. I can remember one person who had a romance that started this way ??? Whatever discipline we did not like those days, we are what we are thanks to the discipline of those nuns whom we dreaded. Praxy


  4. Of course I do remember Sarawathie Lodge. Excellent meals at a very reasonable price.We poor students could not afford the fancy restaurants



  5. Thanks Sam. The picture of the Masala Dosai is the only thing now remaining in the landscape. Like Seelan it is mmmmmmm and I will visit the place today


  6. Dear Sam
    I sent a reply to the Blog writing about my experiences of Saraswathie Lodge but it does not seem to be there. Praxy


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