Best Wishes to Paul!

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Happy Birthday to you Paul- my dear friend from the S group, body partner for a lot of the time, where you did virtually nothing (  !  ) and  me and  Selvamalar   along with Piching, Laki  Sen, and Satha did what ever we could to save our souls at the Sigs .

You were clever- to do just about nothing and still make it good at those awful Anatomy Sigs !

 It was sooo much fun being with you  , being that very cheerful soul that you are,  as you always had that  knack for making people laugh and be happy .

 Best of all, I loved to have you as my ALL the Time Dancing partner ( you were darn good dancer ! )   at the Block and Colors Night Dances .

Don’t forget  my dear friend- Save The Last Dance For Me – where it is always The Green Green Grass of Home — at Beruwala !

Happy Birthday !—Enjoy this day  with your family and friends  .

Your good pal- eagledeepthie .


Happy 🎁 🎂👋 Birthday
Dear Paul across the ocean 🌊 🌊 we send you
Greetings to wish you till we meet at our next RU
May today be a day full of joy and celebration
That will make you remember this as a very special occasion
Many Happy Returns of the Day💐🌷🌹🥀🌺
Praxy and Ranjit



 My dear Paul, 

These greetings come from the ‘Green pleasant Land’ 

Enjoy the special day surrounded by your kith and kin 

May you have a long healthy life with peace of mind 

You are a good friend & a gentleman, of a special kind 

 Not only your friends and relatives, celebrate this day 

All Trees are smiling here, bearing flowers on this day 

Even the nature has observed your fab qualities dear 

The batch ’64 is fortunate to have a mate of your calibre 

Ariya De Silva 




15 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Paul!”

  1. My Dear Paul

    Wishing you an unforgettable day of joy, an amazing year of Bliss, a lifetime of good health and

    Happiness .



    1. Happy Birthday Paul. Always a pleasure to see your smiley face. Hoping to see you at the batch reunion this October. Piching and Nisantha


  2. Dear Paul,
    Many happy returns of the day. I know that you will enjoy a party. Have a good time.
    Deepthie says that” You did virtually nothing as a BODY PARTNER”. Did you, in your usual style, made them to work & admired their BODY?


  3. My dear Paul,

    When had a beauty as a partner to study anatomy,
    I am not at all surprised that you did wander
    Mostly gazed with wide open eyes and did admire!!!
    Only a saint would concentrate on a cadaver
    when surrounded by gigling lively angels to ponder



  4. Hi Paul,
    I have known you from schooldays and a pleasure to count such a happy go lucky person as a friend. Best wishes for good health and contentment in the years ahead.
    God bless,


  5. Dear Paul

    Wish you A Very Happy Birthday. Have lots of fun as usual today and all year around
    Best wishes



  6. Dear Paul
    Best wishes on this special day. Have lots of fun with your family. I agree with Deepthie that you are so lazy that you stopped corresponding with us after one e-mail. I wonder how you spend your time these days. Let us know your telephone no and we will contact you. We are not going to SL for the reunion. So we will miss meeting you. keep in touch. I am sure our paths will cross somewhere in the future
    Satha and Selvi


  7. thank you all for all the sincere greetings coming my way i am luckily still working and enjoying it, hopefully for as long as i can, i hope and look forward to meeting you all in oct.\
    best regards to all.


  8. Hi Paul
    Happy belated birthday for a happy -go- lucky batchmate of mine . Hope you had a lovely time with your family and friends. Hoping to meet you at Ru18.


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