Happy Mothers Day!

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Enjoy these pics of  Mother Earth  and Her Children   and treat ALL Mothers
with Tender Loving Care .

I took these pics over a few years, at different places – Sri Lanka,
Arctic Canada , and Ontario, Canada around the place I live .
Robin and chicks — on my own door step when Mom Robin thought my Christmas
Cactus pot was a good home for her 4 babies .
When the chicks flew the coop- I cried a bucket of tears …

Eagledeepthie .

6 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day!”

  1. Lovely pictures Deepthie.Happy Mother’s Day to all fathers in the batch too, for having made Mother’s Day possible.


    1. HI Narme and Nisantha .
      Glad you liked the photos .
      They were taken in Canada and SL

      SL- Monkey mom and Babe- Sigiriya .
      Elephant Mom and Baby- Kaudulla Nat park .

      Polar bear mom and cubs- Arctic Canada Adventure Expedition.= 2014- Sept
      Most likely, this mom saw humans for the first time, as we were in a very remote area, high up in the arctic , in several zodiacs . The mom obviously did not think of us humans as ‘good dinner’ as we perhaps smelled strange !!
      . She hurried up the snowy hill, with the two cubs in tow , but, she did turn back to look at us, several times as she clambered up the hill .

      Robin Bird with 4 chicks on my front door step – nest made in a flower pot on the verendah .
      She was such good, loving an patient mother and the father, extremely aggressive – almost pecked my eyes out, one time, as I was too close .
      I had to rope off the entire verendah for 8 wks !
      I took pics from the kitchen window , as it was just outside my kitchen counter top, and I had to move the water kettle and other noisy things, and I kept the lights off as much as I could, so as not to disturb mom and babes

      Merganser mom with 12 chicks on her back – behind my home on Georgian Bay ( Lake Huron ) Ontario .
      later on in the summer, I saw this mom with her grown chicks – a lovely sight to see .
      today I saw a male and female on the water, and hope I will see babes again !

      Eagle Mom and Dad with two chicks- on an island not too far from where I live . My friends have a ‘cottage ‘ in one of the islands , in an area called Honey Harbour .We could see this nest , high up on a tall White Pine Tree with the chicks and mom and dad eagles on constant guard from the Osprays in the area , that were harrasing the eagles .
      This was on 21 May- 2016 .
      I went back 8 wks later- the chicks were bigger, but, still could not fly, and mom and dad had to bring food for them . They could just hop/ fly from one branch to another, with one parent on constant guard .

      The eagles have returned in 2017 and had two chicks ,and returned again , in 2018 . .
      Too early to say if there are chicks this year .

      Hope you all enjoy these Natures Mothers Day Tales .

      eagledeepthie .


  2. Narme hit the nail on the head. Without fathers it is impossible to have mothers. – vice versa –
    However mothers deserve more as they fed us for 9 months (In Utero) & continued to care after birth ( exceptions are a tiny %).

    Today, my grand children wished Happy mothers day to my daughters & my daughters wished Happy mothers day to my wife, but I couldn’t wish Happy mothers day to My mother – This is not unique to me as many of us have lost our mothers.

    However I am sad that I couldn’t see my mother for a long-long time owing to the civil war in SriLanka. Two issues bother me all the time.

    1) My mother , once wrote a letter advising me that if she dies – not to come for her funeral as the situation in SriLanka is bad & she doesn’t want me to get into any trouble ! Unfortunately, she died during the war, & couldn’t attend her funeral. Thank God, now I remember only her smiley face.

    2) Once she told a doctor ( from Peradeniya) who treated her at the Jaffna Hospital :- ” Two of my children are doctors but unfortunately they are both overseas & I never had the opportunity to get even a cough mixture from them. – Any one will be sad to hear this from a mother.

    Hope my Mother is listening : “Happy Mothers Day Ammah”.

    MOTHERS ARE GREAT – Wherever they are.

    With Tears


      1. Thank you my dear Seelan for the Story of Mother – your Mother .

        I am sad the things happened the way it did back then for all of us .
        Now, we are in a ‘ Bettter P lace ‘ so to speak, and hopefully, Lanka will remain a Better Place .

        Your Amma’s Smiling Face is Eternal – Cherish it …

        I did not attend my father’s or my mother;s funerals .
        In a way- I am glad I did not see them in that way .

        I went to see them when they were alive, and I still LOVE my Parents Happy Smiling faces– the Last Memory I have of them .

        My Amma passed away 2012, at age 95, and I went to see her in 2011 with my youngest child born in Canada and his gf .
        Her Smiling Face– photo taken in the garden of the Retirement Home , is a lovely memory for me , where she looks as pretty as a flower …

        Love You Amma- be Happy with Thatha …. in the Eternal Garden of Flowers ….

        Your Ever Loving Daughter- —Deepthie .


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