Best Wishes to CJ!

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Happy Birthday to you CJ—

  May you enjoy this day with your family and friends and enjoy many more Happy Birthday Days in the years to come .

  Every day is a Happy Birthday Day for us all, as we get on in life   as Septugenerians , and we are fortunate to be able to wish each other Happy Birthday .

Thank you very much for all the good work you have put in for the RU 64- 2014 and continue doing the same for 2018 .

We all appreciate every  bit of it .

See you in Beruwala – Oct 2018  .

 Your class of 64 mate- Deepthie .


My dear CJ,
Wish your birthday be filled with peace and tranquillity
May you continue to have good health and tremendous energy
You are a noble friend and a good samaritan to your community
Hope you will tread on the dhamma path & conquer fetters, serenely
Dear CJ  HAPPY 🍰 🎂
It’s lovely to wish an amazing friend
Whose birthday falls today
May you be blessed with good health and happiness
Not only today but through the whole year.💐👍
Praxy and Ranjit

17 thoughts on “Best Wishes to CJ!”

  1. Hi CJ,
    I would like to wish you all the happiness in the world for your B’day and to wish you many more B’day celebrations in the years to come.
    May you be happy and contended today and always.


  2. Dear CJ,
    Many happy returns of the day to our sincere friend & a thorough gentleman with a kind heart.
    Seelan & Jean


  3. Hi CJ,
    We must thank you for the initiation and effort you put for our last RU. May your birthday bring pleasant memories of the past and the resolve to be happy and creative in the future. We wish you all the very best in contentment and health in the years to come.
    Narme and Nirmali


  4. Dear C.J., Happy Birthday. You are a great husband, wonderful Dad & caring Grand Father. Iranthie joins me in wishing you many more birthdays to come & a great life ahead with your family.



  5. Dear CJ
    Wishing you a very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day in years to come.. Hope to see you in Beruwala during 2018.


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