Faizel Zavahir – The Batch’64 Singing Sensation!


DR Zee- The singing Pediatrician:


It was around 1963 before I entered med school, when  I first got a glimpse of Feizal’s singing. At the time  I used to visit a seaside social club known as Club Atlantic off Galle road in Colombo. Atlantic offered  a free musical program every Sunday afternoon.  Faizel was a frequent performer at the Atlantic. His performance included  hit songs of the day including Elvis , Cliff Richards, Jim Reaves and even some country and western in the mix. Later, shortly before I entered Med school, I was delighted to read about Feizal in the news paper,  when he won the popular Sunday Observer talent Quest.

Then in 1964 first day of starting Anatomy studies, students were gathered  outside Anatomy Block  waiting to enter the building when I heard a familiar singing voice, in the crowd. Fellow student was entertaining the crowd!  I soon  realized that it  was none other than Feizal himself!

Of Course the rest is history. Feizal is a very talented but modest kindhearted person with a golden voice. Singing was his passion. He continued to sing for us  all through   school days in addition to performing occationally  at lake Club in Kandy (for Rs. 25per night  , he says) and other private engagements in Colombo.

 In early seventies I remember my visits to his home in Altoona PA along with my wife Kathy.  On many occasions we used to have impromtu sing songs in his private studio,  with Esiri and Nisantha often joining in.

I have had very minimal contact with Faizel after my retirement, until 2014 when we met up with him at the RU.  Last week I called him up to offer a personal invitation to the up coming RU’18.  He was more than happy to attend and entertain us at the upcoming  RU as well.

Charity work in SriLanka & Carlo Connection:



I was more impressed to hear about his more recent activities in SriLanka. He has been visiting his motherland almost anually performing in fund raising public concerts to benefit  pediatric cancer patients at Maragama Cancer hospital. Concerts were sponsored by private donations in addition to ticket sales. His biggest fan has been Prof Carlo Fonseka who always finds time to attend his concerts. Around  1973, Carlo was a house guest at my town house in Chicago,  when he attended sabbatical program at the University if Illinois.  Carlo often used to tell me then how much he missed his young daughter being away from home. According to Faizel, Carlo later wrote a song about his daughter. The song  was later popularized by Faizel in SriLanka. I am told this song is often used in SrLankan weddings.






The two tracks below are  from my own collection of Faizel songs that I happen to like very much. Hope you enjoy it as well.




Congratulations Faizel. Batch’64 is proud of your accomplishments in life and best of luck in your future endeavors. Cant wait to see you in October.



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19 thoughts on “Faizel Zavahir – The Batch’64 Singing Sensation!”

  1. Dear Sam
    What a fitting tribute to one of the most talented singers in our batch. We are very blessed to have great singers like Feizal in our batch. The song that I enjoyed most and still enjoy is his song ”Lemon Tree” We are sooooooo happy that he is attending this years RU and cant wait to hear him sing again.
    Sam I could not hear the two tracks you had sent and I would love to hear them. Praxy


    1. Praxy
      It would not play on the Email notification message . Did you open the post on the blog itself?
      If not , let me know,I will send you the tracks separately.


  2. Thanks a lot Sam, for this wonderful post of Faisal singing and the photo of Carlo and wife – who are my relatives from Pitipana , Negombo .

    I first heard Faizal singing – when we were in the block- doing our Anatomy dissection of the Upper Limb .
    We were seated on that long table by the window doing our dissections, when Faizal started to sing, while doing the dissections !!
    The Rest is History !!!

    And again- when we used to get together, back in the day when border crossing was a piece of cake in the late 90’s in Pittsburgh for the New Year- with Esiri, Nisantha, Faizal and my self, singing away to entertain the social gatherings , organized by Piching /Nisantha and others . .
    I do have a photo of this somewhere , and I will search of this and send it along for all to see .

    I am on my way to meet up with Rajes, and then to see Lakshi , and stopped by over on the way to check e-mail coffee from Mac Donalds !!
    Gotta run now —

    Thanks again for the lovely trip down Memory Lane .
    Long Live the Singing Doc and see you in Beruwala – Longing to see you and hear you !!



  3. Thank you Sam for this post. What a tribute to Feizal by Prof Carlo . Feizel’s tribute to Prof Carlo and Prof Carlo’s were both very eloquent and emotional, and amusing to watch.

    Feizal, Esiri and I were interns at Altoona Hospital and we used to have frequent sing songs at parties. We also entertained patients in hospital and the staff during the Christmas season. Therefore Esiri and I had the pleasure of listening to Feizal probably more than any of our batch mates.

    Piching and I are very glad that Feizal will be at the RU 64. We definitely will miss Esiri at the reunion.



  4. Dear Feizal,
    CONGRATULATIONS on your very successful singing achievements right throughout your life including the medical school days. We still treasure the CD you gave my wife during our last RU in 2014. We hope to see you soon at the RU 2018 & we pray for the continuation of your golden voice & good health.


  5. Thanks Sam for posting a glowing tribute to Faisal a “Stellar vocalist”

    Congratulations Faisal , you have created the “Auditory Art” by your mesmerising performances,

    captivating the audience linking The the the Language of Emotion with communication.

    Your songs truly ,moves,inspires ,uplifts,the audience/specially the 64 batchmates.


  6. My dear Faizal .

    I am here with Rajes, and Rabi after our visit to see Lakshi , spending the night over here .

    Rabi and Rajes translated this most beautiful Tamil Song to me, sung by you , in the most beautiful and hauntingly lovely voice of yours , and it really sparked a chord in my soul …

    I was almost in tears listening to it, even though I knew only a few Tamil words .

    ” Are you a Jasmine, or Are you a Rose Untouched by Hand and Unseen by Eyes …
    The Fragrance of the Jasmin and the Rose – will Linger in your hands .. ”

    I think, there is a Sinhala version of this too – or is it my DNA cellular memory of a time long ago ? …
    I just HAVE to learn this song — it is too lovely to just let it sit in my cellular memory …

    Faizal- please send me the words of this hauntingly lovely song – -I just HAVE to learn it, like I sing the Cree and Ojibway songs, with the words written in English .-

    Sam — Thank you ever sooo much for this most lovely post .
    Faizal — Sing it again for us at Beruwala !!!!

    Thanks a lot – eagledeepthie .


  7. Thank you Sam for that heartfelt post on Dr. Zvi. Faizal, our best wishes to you on your birthday for heath, contentment and more singing. You have given me several of your CDs which we enjoy. It was great to meet your whole family at the last RU. Hope to see and listen to you again in October. God bless you and your family.
    Narme and Nirmali


  8. Hi Faizal,

    Congratulations on your accomplishments. Will always remember you entertaining us at the Kitty dinner dances with your fabulous renditions. Good luck and best wishes to your family.



  9. Hey Faizal and Esiri !

    Hope you both like the photo that Sam very kindly posted – of us singing away in Pttsbg- during one of the New Year Events – April 1995 !

    Those were the Days !!

    Esiri– PLEASE TRY AND COME FOR THE RU-2018- we can have a repeat of this and take another photo 23 yrs later in Beruwala !

    After all- Memories Are Made of These …..



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