Best Wishes to Praxy!

Praxy BD


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU    My Dear Friend Praxy !

  I wish you All the Very Best on this Special Day to day, and enjoy this day with  dear Ranjith and  the rest of the family and friends .

May you have many more Happy Birthday Days ahead and enjoy all of them .

Thanks  you very much dear Praxy for being that Good  Convent Girl Friend  to me, all these long years  !!

We stuck it together, through thick and thin, and you were there for me, supporting me, virtually ‘holding me up ‘ so to speak ,  through some of my most difficult years , and  that’s   behind me now  .

I greatly appreciate our friendship  and may we all continue life in this good way , as someone s said “  A Good Friendship is  the Best Recipe  for a Good Life .  “

See you in Beruwala – Oct 2018  along with the rest of the Class of 64 who are able to make it out there .

Have a Very Happy Birthday .

Your Good  Convent Girl Friend- eagleD


Blessed with oceans of energy, thoughtfulness & beauty

One of the most  respected mates in our batch,  ’64 entry

Send greetings for a fab birthday, full of happiness and joy

And a long, healthy, stressfree life, with her wonderful hubby




46 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Praxy!

  1. Dear Praxy,
    Many happy returns of the day. You are one of the energetic batch mate we all admire. Do you ever get tired? The answer is NO. A good soul like you will live for ever.
    Enjoy your party.
    Seelan & Jean


    • Dear Jean and Seelan
      Thank you for your birthday wishes. It is so nice to communicate with each other like this thanks to Sam’s and Ariya’s birthday salutation project. Pity you are not joining us on the trip to Pasikuda, but you are coming to the RU? Aren’t you?? Praxy


  2. Why ‘step motherly’ treatment to our dear Praxy
    She is a top rate batch mate, very kind busy body
    Everyone has received excellent greetings from her
    Come on folks put pen to paper, wake up from slumber


    • Dear Ariya,
      Many thanks for your birthday wishes. Since we chat so much on ten phone there is hardly anything to write here except to thank you for your kind wishes. Praxy


  3. Dear Praxy,
    It’s your birthday, and girls do not like to be reminded of it. But you are a right royal lady, indefatigable in forging friendships. Many happy returns of the day and may God give you good health and contentment in the years ahead. Best wishes to you and Ranjit and your two children.
    Nirmali and Narme


    • Dear Nirmali and Narme,
      Thank you very much for your kind remarks and also for your birthday wishes. Since Ranjit is quiet I think I make up for it. Praxy


  4. Dear Prax
    What a surprise. i didn’t realise it was your B’day today when you spoke with me! Have a wonderful day and many happy returns


    • Dear Selva,
      It was nice chatting with you yesterday,. The morning was spent phoning round asking people whether they are coming to the RU and it is a pity that you cant join., Anyway enjoy your cruise. Praxy


  5. Dear
    Wish you A Very Happy Birthday. May God Bless you with good health and all the happiness you richly deserve especially for making every person known to you Happy. Have a memorable day with your loved ones.

    Beat wishes


    • Dear Selva,
      It was nice chatting with you yesterday,. The morning was spent phoning round asking people whether they are coming to the RU and it is a pity that you cant join., Anyway enjoy your cruise. Praxy


    • Dear Marina.
      Thank you for your birthday wishes and for the kind comments. We must meet here again next month when we return from Sri Lanka as we might go there for Ranjit’s brothers 3 month almsgiving. Praxy


  6. My dear sweet Praxy- I know I wrote up a Special for your Birthday- but, I h ave to add on this one too .
    VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU — for the Above and Beyond the Call of Duty job you did on the Passekuda Bus Trip .
    it is amazing – how, after my Passekuda train’ hit a road block and you Praxy, rallied the troops around the globe and got the Passedudah train on track again and we are All Aboard !!
    You are one AMAZING GAL !!

    Have a great day on this Special Day .
    your ever loving Good Convent Pal- eagleD


    • My dear good convent girl aka eagle D
      Thank you for your birthday wishes and for your nice comments. The credit goes to you too for starting the band wagon to Pasikuda with Walkers. I only joined it later on when the wagon was confronted with a road block and thereafter stalling.
      Anyway you are and always have been a great pal to me and it is nice to share ideas and thoughts with another amazing girl like you. I know our friendship will last till we depart form this world. Praxy



    Happy 63rd birthday to you. I wish I have 10% of energy you have. You are a great woman, always there with a good word & helping hand. You are a very unique individual, with a Godly touch & kind thoughts. Remember, you celebrated one of your Birthdays with us & Swarna, in Marco Island about 12 years ago. I still have photos of it. I remember; Fire Marshal warned me not to light the number of candles for birthday in Florida. It is such a pleasure talking to you on ANY subject. You are a lovely Human Being. Iranthie joins me in wishing our good friend/batchmate, a great life ahead. Love, WIMAL.


    • Dear Iranthie and Wimal
      Thank you for your kind birthday wishes. Yes I do recall the lovely birthday I spent with both of you and Swarna at your place. It was a truly memorable one. I think God must have known that he created Ranjit as a very person and therefore made ,me the noisy one and . You both are lovely people too and now it is your turn to visit us as your last one here was ,many years ago. Praxy


  8. My dear Praxy

    May life offer you the same happiness that you give everyone around you ,and your future is as bright

    as the smile on your face.

    Happy birthday,

    Dear Praxy, your resilient-spirit-and “LOVING HEART” is what

    Keeps you,

    “Young ,Forever.”


    • Dear Rani,
      Thank you very much for your kind birthday wishes,. It was lovely chatting with you a little while ago and I am so glad that we can now chat with each other on whatsapp. Praxy


  9. Hi Praxy,

    Wish you Happy Birthday and may you be blessed with many more.

    My regards to Ranjit and family.

    Ranjit & Shanthi
    Winter Haven


    • Dear Shanthi and Ranjit,
      Thank you for your birthday wishes. I have passed on your kind regards to Ranjit and he sends you the same too. Praxy


    • Dear CJ,
      Thank you very much for your birthday wishes. It was ;lovely chatting with you the other day and sooooo pleased to hear that you are attending the RU even though you are not staying at the hotel with us…. I do understand Praxy


    • Dear Indragee,
      Thank you very much for your birthday wishes. Glad that you are joining us on the Pasikuda trip. Praxy


    • Dear Sam
      Thank you very much for your birthday wishes. It is so nice to hear from friends and communicate with each other thanks to your untiring efforts on the web an d Ariyas Birthday salutation project. Praxy


  10. Hi Praxy,
    I wish to add my sincere best wishes to you on your B’day. May you enjoy many more B’days for years to come.
    You deserve an enormous thank you from all in 64′ batch for the work you are doing to make the Oct; get together a success.
    May the Almighty bless you abundantly.


    • Dear Annesley,
      Thank your birthday wishes and I am so glad that you are joining us on the Pasikuda trip. Looking forward to reading your book which seems to be in great demand. Praxy


  11. Hi Praxy

    Wishing you a happy birthday with your family and friends.Thanks for the tireless work you do for our batch.



  12. Dear Praxy

    We wish you a very happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day in the years to come. We completely agree with the wonderful comments made about you by our batch mates. Your enthusiasm and energy always shines through.

    It was nice meeting you and catching up recently. Looking forward to seeing you and the others in October.

    Sunila and Biga


    • Dear Sunila and Bigga
      Thank you very much for your birthday wishes. Yes it was lovely meeting meeting you and Sunila last time, Look forward to meeting you both at the RU. Praxy


  13. Many happy returns of the day Praxy . All the best now and years to come .Hope to see you and ranjith in Beruwela.
    Piching joins me to convey our best wishes to you.

    Nisantha and Piching


  14. Dear Praxy
    Warmest wishes for a very happy birthday and many more happy returns of the day. I did not realize it was your birthday yesterday when I spoke to you today so now I know both of us are Taurians which explains the special bond we have.
    I will be able to connect this with my niece’s wedding day.
    Best wishes Praxy.
    Love always. Lakshmi.


    • Dear Lakshmi
      Thank you for your birthday wishes. Yes we have carried on our friendship from the very first day of our life at Med College to the present day. It was lovely having you here even for one night but next time you must plan to stay longer . Praxy


  15. We see you flying on the Eagle’s cushion like back.Wishing you A VERY HAPPY BIRTHADAY PRAXY.Please convey our kind regards to Ranjit.

    Maharojani and Sreetharan.


  16. Dear Praxy,

    Sorry for being one of the last to wish you.I did not open my emails last week end & yesterday too as it was a holiday.

    Accept my sincere wishes for a Happy Birthday & many more to healthy & Happy ones follow with your family

    Best Regards,



    • Dear Dalpe
      Thank you for your birthday wishes. Did I read somewhere that you are unable to attend the RU because of some commitments??? Or was it some one else?. Praxy


  17. Dear Praxy,

    Here is wishing my good friend a wonderful birthday and many happy returns.

    You are a wonderful batch mate and a “live wire” in the blog and keep it humming.

    Thank you for your active participation in the blog.

    Wishing you and the family the very best in life.



    • Dear Esiri
      Thank you for your birthday wishes. Sorry to hear you are not attending the RU. We will miss you and your beautiful singing too .Praxy


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