Best Wishes to Naomi!

Naomi BD 2018


Happy Birthday to you my dear Naomi .

Enjoy this day with your family and friends, way out in Sydney, Australia .

Seems a long  , long way , away,  that we went in our own directions after  that  great start at Kynsey Rd  some 54 yrs ago .

 It was just wonderful seeing you at the RU – 64  2014 , and you were a great on the stage,   on the comedy skit !

  I am looking forward to seeing you again in 2018 Beruwala .

Have Very Happy Birthday today and enjoy many more , in the years to come .

 Your good friend- Deepthie .

Where am I?

Where am I. ?

Can you tell me who I am ? And then, I can tell you more about my interesting story.I have a name, although forgotten by many and I am 94 years old.



I think , this is the new bridge .
You can see the old bridge next to it .
I did not walk on the old bridge, but, had the driver of my car, drive me
up and down the new  bridge and took a neat video of it .
The immense steel construction spanning the bridge, just fascinated me .

Eddie- I think this is it –
I was able to view it on Dr Google.
I am going to wait to read YOUR story on it, which will be better than Dr
Google’s  Story !

Deepthie .


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This is a new feature I am starting today.  I am looking for images from the sixties, and prior in SriLanka. I am sure many of you recognize this very popular eatery  on Galle Rd Wellawattha.

Please feel free to share your stories and comments.















Hi Sam, Herewith a bit of history to go with your recent post.

Wellawatte , as the name says was a garden by the sea in the past
The two pics  of the Wellawatte canal are from the past and present.
The canal has an interesting history.It was created by CT Layard in 1872.In the old pic , it is titled Layard’s folly as the first canal was not deep enough to allow the flood waters to flow into the sea.Later it was deepened and became a good source of canal travel.In. The fifties, we are told that many vegetable vendors would bring their produce by boat from Piliyandala and beyond to sell their vegetables to the folk in Wellawatte and Dehiwela.Then came the squatters and the pollution from the spinning and weaving mills clogged the canal again.The people who lived by the canal, were known as the people of Ela- Kandiya.
But there is more to the people of Elakandiya.The beautiful Anula Kulatilleke was spotted crossing the canal by a film cameraman and she was the star in Golu Hadawatha.Remember her ?
What an interesting outcome from Layard’s folly to the the silver screen.I am sure there are many more stories to tell in and around the canal.


Best Wishes to Paul!

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Happy Birthday to you Paul- my dear friend from the S group, body partner for a lot of the time, where you did virtually nothing (  !  ) and  me and  Selvamalar   along with Piching, Laki  Sen, and Satha did what ever we could to save our souls at the Sigs .

You were clever- to do just about nothing and still make it good at those awful Anatomy Sigs !

 It was sooo much fun being with you  , being that very cheerful soul that you are,  as you always had that  knack for making people laugh and be happy .

 Best of all, I loved to have you as my ALL the Time Dancing partner ( you were darn good dancer ! )   at the Block and Colors Night Dances .

Don’t forget  my dear friend- Save The Last Dance For Me – where it is always The Green Green Grass of Home — at Beruwala !

Happy Birthday !—Enjoy this day  with your family and friends  .

Your good pal- eagledeepthie .


Happy 🎁 🎂👋 Birthday
Dear Paul across the ocean 🌊 🌊 we send you
Greetings to wish you till we meet at our next RU
May today be a day full of joy and celebration
That will make you remember this as a very special occasion
Many Happy Returns of the Day💐🌷🌹🥀🌺
Praxy and Ranjit



 My dear Paul, 

These greetings come from the ‘Green pleasant Land’ 

Enjoy the special day surrounded by your kith and kin 

May you have a long healthy life with peace of mind 

You are a good friend & a gentleman, of a special kind 

 Not only your friends and relatives, celebrate this day 

All Trees are smiling here, bearing flowers on this day 

Even the nature has observed your fab qualities dear 

The batch ’64 is fortunate to have a mate of your calibre 

Ariya De Silva 




Happy Mothers Day!

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Enjoy these pics of  Mother Earth  and Her Children   and treat ALL Mothers
with Tender Loving Care .

I took these pics over a few years, at different places – Sri Lanka,
Arctic Canada , and Ontario, Canada around the place I live .
Robin and chicks — on my own door step when Mom Robin thought my Christmas
Cactus pot was a good home for her 4 babies .
When the chicks flew the coop- I cried a bucket of tears …

Eagledeepthie .