Write a Caption?


To  counter relatively slow response among mates
Thought of a competition, to remove any cobwebs

Asking to write a caption appropriate and hilarious

To Postings in the website, pictures & the drawing


5 thoughts on “Write a Caption?”

  1. Thanks Sam, for setting up this in the web site
    As we got so many minds in our batch creative
    Let’s see whose caption be the most appropriate
    It is all for fun while keeping our neurones active


  2. Fabulous caption Seelan, I completely agree,
    Yet we must be careful not to be a victim, of the same decree
    Conversation at home is similar, questioning my own pedigree
    For coming with a lovely caption, you are a recipient of a degree



  3. Thanks Nisantha,

    Your humane expression denotes a gentle thought
    Impatient world often expects gratification instant
    The angle you took whether surgery or unaroused
    If the fairer sex demands us blokes have to oblige!



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