Happy Vesak Day!

Vesak Greeting


Sukho buddhanamuppado
sukha saddhammadesana
sukha sanghassa samaggi
samagganam tapo sukho

Happy is the arising of a Buddha;

happy is the exposition of the Ariya Dhamma;

happy is the harmony amongst the Sangha;

happy is the practice of those in harmony.




6 thoughts on “Happy Vesak Day!”

  1. Keep the torch of Dhamma alight! ,

    Let it shine brightly in your daily life. Always remember, Dhamma is not an escape.,

    It is a Way Of Life


  2. Wishing all Our batchmates a Blessed Vesak. May the Dharma be a beacon of light to all of us in our living.
    Narme and Nirmali Wickremesinghe


  3. Suba Vesak to All mates of Class of 64 .

    Thank you Sam, for this most Lovely Image, that I have ‘saved ‘ on my desk top images .

    Yaman Bando Vesak Balanna !!–

    I miss the Vesak Balanna Yanawa – of my childhood days at Hendala ,.
    The real treat was when my father would park our old VW by Nawaloka Hotel , Negombo Rd , Peliyagoda, watch flashing lights and pictures of the Pandol, listen to the Gatha, and eat the Bath Packet wrapped in plantain leaf, – sitting inside the car parked on the road side .

    Desert was from the Kavum Amma– Kavum and Kokis.

    This was long before Nawaloka became a famous empire !!

    Happy Vesak to ALL !



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