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Dear all
It was a joy to welcome Lakshmi ( Subtamaniam Iyer  ) to our house on her recent  visit to U.K. Because of her commitments she could only spend one night with us . I invited Mareena and Swarna also to join us and we had a fantastic time reminiscing  our past and the life at Medical Faculty days.. Most of you were mentioned and remembered in our recollections and I thought of putting this photo in the blog ( taken by Ranjit ) who was out numbered by the females.


29 thoughts on “Update from Praxy”

  1. Thanks Praxy for sharing the photo, glad to know you’ll had a good time reminiscing the past,,,

    Felt a bit envious 😄😀

    I am certain that you will agree with this ” that Friends Are he best ingredients in the Recipe of Life”


    1. Dear Rani,
      Yes it was lovely catching up with all three of them. We all went to bed only at about 1.30 am and had a great time. Lakshmi was feeling sleepy but still she did not want to go to bed and joined in the conversation.


  2. Hello Praxy
    Thank you so much for sharing the photo with us. All three ladies are looking very nice and well. I have not seen Marina since medical school days and Laxshmi since the melbourne get together. Trying to come to the SL get together if health permits


    1. Dear Satha,
      There were four of us in the photo including Swarna but for some reason Swarna is not there.
      Please do come to the RU as it will be fun. Praxy


    2. HI my dear Selvi– I will pray – drum – sing to All The Gods to help you to come for the RU !
      much love- eagleD


  3. You all look good. Hope to see you all in October.

    Piching and I just made our flight arrangements yesterday.



    1. Dear Nisantha
      That is great. I too will be booking the flights soon once I have unpacked my luggage from the last trips cheers. Praxy


  4. Lakshmi I remember our medical school days when we did on night calls together and I slept in your home. I remember your parents fondly Your mother made the most delicious besan sweet that I have ever tasted. I hope to see you and Marina at the reunion this fall.


    1. Dear Piching
      I think many of us have enjoyed Lakshmi’s parents hospitality and her mums delicious cooking.Her parents just like her were very friendly. She was the first person I spoke to on my first day at the Faculty. Lakshmi still looks the same …simple and sweet. Praxy


  5. HI My dear Lakshi !
    I t was just great to see your sweet face on the photo and thanks to Praxy, Marina for the occasion , and Sam for the post .
    I last saw you back in Melbourne , dec 1991 when we met at Mahen’s home, and you came with your son and daughter .

    You still look just as lovely and sweet and gentle like the way you did back in med school.
    Like the way Piching recalls, I too recall very well coming to the apartment that you lived in Maradana with your dad and your mom would cook nice things for us .

    I do recall even coming for your wedding with Shiranci , and what a lovely feast it was , at the Kovil in Wellawatte .
    Then, again ,when your son was born I came to your house to see you and the baby , and our time together at Ragama , when I had my first baby !!
    we did communicate via the old fashioned ‘snail mail ‘ way back when, after you moved to Aus, but, I dont know what happened, we stopped communicating .
    I guess _ Life Issues came in and we just went our own way after that .

    I could go on for ever !!!

    As Rani said- ‘ Friends are the best Ingredients in the is The Recipe of Life ‘ . so, please Lakshi- try your best to meet us all in Beruwala – Oct 2018 .

    I wrote a little comment to your greeting to Sunil P- as we were all together at Ragama .

    From what I recall – your daughter lives in Toronto with her family .
    Would you be coming to Toronto to see her ?
    If so I will come and see you for sure .
    Much love to you Lakshi-
    Your good friend from the S Group !
    deepthie .


  6. Hi Marina,’ I hear you are in Toronto today!
    Any chance we could meet somewhere ?
    you have my e-mail – so- drop me a line .
    You three look wonderful in the photo – the last time I saw you was back in 1989- at the RU in UK – and you still look just as lovely now !

    Remember our Convent Days- when you were the Real Goody Goody and I was the Devil in a White Uniform !! and the nuns just hated me !!!

    Deepthie .


    1. Dear🦅D
      Swarna also should have been on that photo but for some unknown reason when I sent the photo of all three of us to Sam Swarna had been cut off. I took the photo with my phone and sent it to Sam but when he got it Swarna had disappeared from
      The photo☹️☹️☹️Lakshmi is in Toronto today as she left UK this morning. Her email address is in the RU magazine. Praxy


  7. Good to see all three of you after a very long time. All still look beautiful but a little plumpier than the med school days. Lovely to see you. Thanks Praxy for sharing.


    1. Dear Deepthie,
      I heard fro Lakshmi via WhatsApp that she had contacted you. I am glad that I was able to get both of you together. Praxy


  8. Dear all
    Thanks for the lovely comments. I do think of the great times I had with each and everyone of you
    Deepthi I am with my sister in

    I will be here till the 13th may.

    Thanks Praxy and Ranjit for your wonderful Hospitality we had a great time.


    1. Dear Lakshmi,
      It was wonderful to have you Mareena and Swarna at our place and reminiscing the past. Enjoy your stay in Toronto. Praxy


  9. Hi Deepthi

    We had a mini get together at Praxy’s place. As Lukshmi was leaving for Toronto on Friday we spent only one night with her and Ranjit. They both are very good hosts and we enjoyed their Hospitality. Swarna too joined us and we kept talking till we all felt tired .
    I will be in Toronto from the 11th to the 24th of June attending my nephews wedding in Toronto. I too will be very happy to meet you if time permits. I have two sisters in Toronto the youngest in downtown Toronto and the other in Mississauga. Closer to the time I will let you know my plans so that if we can try and meet while I am there.
    I enjoy reading your feedback and have learned a lot about your life in Canada .
    Take care
    With warmest wishes


    1. Dear Mareena,
      Yes it was a wonderful mini RU. Wished Lakshmi had more time then we could have had a greater time. But you must come and spend a few days with me when time permits and I will ask Swarna also to join. Praxy


    2. Ok- Marina,
      Looking fwd to hearing from you , when you get to Canada in June , and Rajes and my self will try to make it out to Mississauga .
      We are planning to see Lakshi- before she leaves , as the last time I saw her was in Melbourne back in dec 1991 at Mahen’s place with Anslem and Lal Ranaweera .


  10. Dear Praxy
    Thanks for sharing the photo with us. It is great to see my batchmates. All three of you are looking nice and healthy. My memory of all of you goes back to the medical faculty days.I have not seen Marina since medical faculty days and Lakshmi since Melbourne get together. I am hoping to see all of you at the RU.



  11. Dear Sam
    Again and again I think of the wonderful way you have enabled our batch to get together. You are a good web master and if nit for you we would not have been able to establish close relationships with our batch mates.

    Ariya thank you also for your great idea of the Birthday Salutations project which started the web. We are indebted to you both for this wonderful communication between batch mates. Cgeers. Praxy


  12. HI Anoja !
    I never thought of the colors when I was looking at the photo- just realized it now !
    No wonder you ended up as The Dean of the Fac of Med !!
    Rajes and my self, we are going to see Lakshi next week, and I will give some thought to ‘ add more color ‘ , not that we need any color at this stage in our lives- just being alive and well and seeing each other , is ‘color ‘ in it self !!
    See you in October !


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