Best Wishes to MSP!

MSP BD copy

Batch’64 joins me in wishing you a wonderful day to celebrate with your family.

Wishing you many more joyful Birthdays  in the future  with much health and happiness!



Dear Sunil Happy birthday 🎂 💐
Across the ocean we send  greetings to you
And hope to meet you at our October RU.
May you be blessed with good health and happiness not only today
But all God’s abundant blessings to be with you all the way .
Praxy and Edward



Happy Birthday Sunil !

May you enjoy this day, and enjoy many more Happy Birthday Days in the years ahead .

My Co Intern at Ragama – you were a   very solid, dependable , unassuming , gentle, quiet gentleman, and a very  kind and compassionate doctor.

It was great to see you in  Beruwala 2014 RU ,  after all those years in between .

You still remain the same wonderful person that you were back then .

Hope to see you again – Oct 2018 – with your lovely wife and pretty daughter , and good wishes to them .

Your Co Intern- Deepthie



Sending you my best wishes for a fabulous birthday
Filled with joy, contentment and happiness all the way 
May your serene life pass smoothly as a flowing river
With happiness, good health & joy, unabated year on year 
Na attahetu  na parassa hetu
Na puttamicche nadhanam na rattham
Na iccheyya adhammena samiddim attano
Sa silava  pannava dhammiko siya
Neither for one’s own , no for another’s sake
Nor for wish of children , wealth or estate
Nor success desired ever by means unjust
These are the virtues in you, I recognize
Ariya De Silva

16 thoughts on “Best Wishes to MSP!”

  1. Hi Sunil,
    My good friend and my body partner of 5 years, It is indeed a pleasure to wish you a very happy and a joyous B’day for today and also to wish you many more B’days in years to come .
    Best wishes and good health to your wife and children.


  2. Dear Sunil
    In our birthday wishes I should have written Praxy and Ranjit as the latter is the name known to all at Medical College. Edward is the name used here and I used it by mistake . It should be a Praxy and Ranjit😊


    1. Dear Praxy,

      You call him Ranjit or Edward, we know who he is
      The calm & quiet yet in batch one of the nicest blokes
      Nice to see you back home, following globe trotting
      Acknowledge though busy, you’re always contributing



      1. Lakshi- How nice to see your name on the blog !
        yes we were all together at Ragama back in the day .– and they were great days .
        And, we all had our first babies born while at Ragama – you, me, Anslem, Ben Rajapakse — Ragama Babies !!

        Are you coming for the RU Oct 5,6, 7 to SL ?
        Stay in touch . you can get my e- mail add from Rajablendran or from Seelan .

        Deepthie .


  3. Dear MSP.
    With my best wishes for a very happy birthday.
    Also my sincere thanks for your efforts to engage us in the Dhamma discussions.
    Theruwan saranai,


  4. Here I was thinking at long last Praxy had fallen for a Pom and ditched good OLD Ranjith.
    My apologies for having such naughty thoughts.


  5. MSP – Piching joins me in wishing you many happy returns of the day. All the very best now and years to come.
    It was nice seeing you Carmencita and your daughter in Beruwela.
    Hope to see you all in October.

    Nisantha and Piching


  6. Many happy returns of the day Sunil and my best wishes to you for a healthy and contented life in the years to come.
    Narme Wickremesinghe


  7. Many happy returns of the day, MSP/ Wish you many more happy and healthy ones. Nice meeting you, your wife and daughter at the last RU. Happy Golfing. all the best to you and your family. dharma


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