Gifted children


There is something about gifted children that is awe inspiring and endearing.This young chap is a mathematical genius. Is he endowed with more neural connections than the rest.?Perhaps the whole brain project which is now underway will give us more insight into his wonderful achievements when we know more about our neural networks.More importantly, what really happens to these young people as they grow older.Do they get better with age or do they gradually fizzle out to a more contemporary level of achievement.Please share your opinion and experience.



Shared by Rani



Is this guy for real..or what….watch regardless of dialogue/language

The introduction/conversation is in Sinhalese



Even if


 don’t understand, proceed

with video clip

for the question and answer session



16 thoughts on “Gifted children”

  1. Some people are good with numbers and others are not. This kid amazes me. Give me two numbers and I don’t think I will be able to do it as fast as he did. Perhaps 15 – 20 minutes.

    Thanks Eddie for sharing it.



  2. Thanks Nisantha,Raja and Abey for your comments.Thanks Rani for the video of the smart Sri Lankan mathematician.Yes, some do have a natural ability to work with numbers.The greatest story told is of the Indian mathematician Srinivasan Ramanujan.Ramanujan was a poor young man with no formal education .His talent was realised when he wrote to Prof Hardy at Cambridge showing his equations with numbers.Hardy invited him over to the mathematics dept of Trinity college Cambridge where he solved a number of difficult mathematical equations.He died young at 32 of PTB in 1920.He was posthumously awarded the FRS.His discovery of 1729 as a special number is worth a read.I shall not bore you all with the details.! Eddie


  3. A few words about how a Numeracy Genius ‘s brain differs from a normal person, by using ( fMRI) Seelan can enlighten us on this ) functional Magnetic resonance imaging to scan the brain, researchers at the INSERM-CEA cognitive neuroscience imaging in France reported that the brain areas involved in maths ,is different to the area engaged in equally complex non mathematical thinking.


  4. You are correct Rani.
    To put it simply :- fMRI is functional as opposed to static MRI. This is done by asking the patient to perform a particular task (eg: Maths) while being scanned. Oxygenated Blood flow increases in the area of brain in use. fMRI measures the brain activity by detecting the changes associated with the blood flow.


    1. Thanks Seelan for the explanation of fMRI.The ongoing HCP, Human connectome Project is currently analysing the connections(fMRI) in a number of Neurological disorders and in the future we will have a clearer picture of many disorders of mood and memory that we know very little about today( currently we only know the gross anatomy, thanks to CT and MRI.HCP will improve our knowledge of many Dementias,Psychiatric disorders, Epilepsy,Autism etc.
      There is a current study underway in the HCP which is looking at Baby brain development from birth to age 5, this again will give an insight into the variation in exceptional abilities eg Mathematics Vs Music Vs Painting etc.There is a lot that we do not know about our brains. It is all too obvious when we try to understand the brain of a person running down innocent pedestrians going about their normal lives. WHY ? Oh why.? Eddie.


  5. I thought these people have savant syndrome, ocd and depressive disorders there was aprogram on tv regarding these individuals who were followed for many years one was a film star female red head in the comedy taxi I believe, mri showed enlargement in the brain medulla


  6. Thanks Paul,Never heard of Savant Syndrome.!Well if they turn out to be comediennes as in your program, it is great.Stand up comedy is not easy.You must be able to think on your feet.!,Eddie.


    1. Thanks Paul,Never heard of Savant Syndrome.!Well if they turn out to be comediennes as in your program, it is great.Stand up comedy is not easy.You must be able to think on your feet.!,Eddie.
      I just reviewed the information you kindly provided, in addition to the info that you provided, there appears to be a male/ female ratio of about 6:1.Autistic spectrum disorders also have a male predominance of 4.3:1. Thanks Paul, I have learned something new today.Regards.Eddie.


  7. these people also have enhanced memory and can remember every day of the year,tragically good things and bad things, they also have picture book memories ,i bet you some of the cleverer ones do have some form of picture book memory, in all kinds of fields .Elon MUSK taught himself aerospace engineering fro reading books and he admits to OCD dark depression to prevent which he keep his mind active,and discovering newer things. i surmise that all of us have a little savant in us which enbles us to be successful in our lifes endeavours.i was watching a program called little geniuses i believe they are freaks of nature in a good way. any way it is nice to hear from and to know you are enjoying your retirement \


  8. Thanks Paul for providing the Medical Back ground ,to solve the mystery of a genius performance.

    Never heard of Savant Syndrome?

    Shall explore Google to acquire more details about the syndrome


  9. Thanks Paul, Are you still working? When do you intend going again after the RU.this year? I will not be able to make it as I am in Colombo the month prior to this.Must catch up with Carlyle and Co when you and Donald are there next.Regards. Eddie.


  10. thanks simone and eddie, i am still in solo practice in my office only. no hospital rounds so it is fairly low stress, enjoy my work and hope to continue


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