6 thoughts on “Celebrate being a Sri Lankan.”

  1. Thank you Narme for the post .
    It was good to see young people from ALL Nations participating such an event –
    Music has NO language- it is Only Beauty …- this is my philosophy .

    On a similar note– my suggestion — we should have an Outdoor Concert on Friday- Oct 5th — like the one we had last time, but, this time around, it will be The Class of 64 that will be the performers —

    I hope Zavahir and Esiri will oblige along with a local DJ .

    The Kellas will give an item, then the Kollas , and so on , and then we have a bit of dancing like we did last time — Baila etc etc .

    It is a lot more fun to have an out door concert, rather than something indoors in a small stage etc .
    We can keep the Indoor venue as Plan B if it rains on Friday Night .

    Also- Friday Night BBQ– what about the Kolla Cooks do a bit of Cooking Demo- Make the ” Eddie Prawn Curry, ” and the Kellas will stand around and cheer you on, and the we eat and be merry !

    Waiting for the RU- Baila Kumari !!


  2. Thanks Narme.What a happy bunch.! Memorable music.Some of the notes remind me of the music made at the cricket matches.,!
    “ The only truth is music” Jack Kerouac.
    By the way, Jack Kerouac is the author of the very popular book, On the road.The book is an important peek into the life of the young and restless( circa1948).As the title reads, it takes you from New York to Frisco and back a few times by a group of friends and aspiring writers and their philosophy on life as they travel.


  3. Very nice indeed. Students from many nations participating in this music video to sing a Sri Lankan song. Thanks Narme for posting the video.



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