RU Update – Sam

Update on Batch’64 RU 2018



At the request of the organizing committee, I have been in contact with Eden Resort & Spa in Beruwala regarding this event. The RU is scheduled for the 5th-6th and 7th of October, 2018.

We had a positive response to the initial posting with a growing list of around 50 batch mates who indicated their willingness to attend. At this time I would recommend you contact the Hotel directly and book your own accommodation.  Hotel will not hold your reservation unless 50% payment is received by them in advance.

Please contact Iroshika De Silva, of Browns Hotels & Resorts and mention the special rates for the RU’64 event

All her contact information and other details are  outlined in the document attached below. If you have additional questions please contact us  through the blog or directly via email.

Eden Resort Booking Information

Sam S

For the organizing committee.


Updates: 4/24/18

Ranjith Almeida has informed me that our old local RU a/c is still active and that if anyone wishes to transfer money through Ranjith, rather than direct payment to Eden, he will be glad to help. You may save a few bucks on transfer fees.

Additionally  Iroshika has informed me that  single (FB) rooms are also available for 20,625/= and Paradise rooms for 29,750/= (these are special rates for the event only)


Update from Ariya


My dear Sam and the gang,
Having met up yesterday over a sumptious dinner
Two batch mates & good friends over downunder
Discussed their participation of reunion in October
Post it in the web, an encouragement to any doubter


17 thoughts on “RU Update – Sam”

  1. Thank you Sam, for the post on the RU- Oct 2018 .
    I will contact you via e-mail about the exact dates I will be at Eden etc .



  2. Thank you Sam for giving us the details on how to book. I arrived back in UK this morning and wanted to book the hotel.The only thing that puzzled me was how to send the deposit. Can I phone her and quote my Credit card number? If I had seen the message earlier yesterday then I could have spoken to her and gone there and paid the money. Let me know what the best option is for transferring the money ….by way of. Chaps transfer it costs an extra 30 GBP and also I need an account number. Thanks. Praxy


  3. See my ‘comments’ on Eddie’s Prawn Curry post and Narme’s Musical post- Being Srilankan from today, for a few ideas on how to make this event an exiting one for all .

    Please give us your comments – on How To Have a Good Time ‘ !

    My suggestion so far —

    —–Prefer NOT to have Acedemic Sessions .– too much work and I prefer to spend my time in The Great Outdoors , soaking up the Sun, Salt and Sand , of The Island In The Sun .

    —Friday Night — Outdoor Concert by Kellas and Kollas Class of 64- ” A Septugenerian Talent Show ‘ !!!! hopefully, Esiri and Zavahir will oblige us, along with DJ from Beruwala .
    to be followed by a good dance session- just get on the stage and keep moving !.
    Then, the Kolla Cooks to cook on the BBQ ” Eddie’s Batti Prawn Curry ” — while the Kellas stand around and cheer the Kollas !

    We all had sooo much fun back in 2014 on The Friday Night Dance Night and BBQ

    In case of rain- Plan B– to have it Indoors .
    I will pray to my name sake- Deepthiemath Hiru Deviya for clear weather !

    —- Saturday — Sleep in, Leisurely Breakfast, walk on the beach, Beach Vollyball, Pool Time Fun , etc and R and R- Suggestions most welcome . on how we spend Saturday .? another low key dinner dance ?

    —– Sunday — Leisurely Breakfast, ” See you sometime ” — and perhaps a very jolly bus trip out somewhere starting out from Beruwala to — ? Yala. ? Jaffna , and return to Colombo .

    I plan to get to Beruwala a day or two earlier – to get over jet lag, rest up a bit, and get ‘In To The Mood and Swing of Things ” for the weekend to come .

    Hope to hear back from you ALL – Eagle D


    1. Dear Indragee
      Best by a hotelier as well as a consultant Imthought of asking you whether you have been to Pasikuda and if you know any hotels you can recommend .

      Also if any of the others have stayed in hotels in Pasikuda please let me know. Thanks. Praxy


      1. HI Praxy ,

        Pasikuda and Kalkuda are close to each other , so any hotel in either place is ok for our Batti Bus Trip . ( two nights – sunday oct 7 ,, monday oct 8 nights- Half Board )

        I had lunch at Maalu Maalu back in oct 2014 and met Sunil – Carmencita and daughter, as they were leaving .
        It is a very lovely place, but expensive at $ 365 CAD– / night — way, way beyond my wallet !

        Sunil- can you give us some feed back about your stay at Maalu- Maalu ?

        Perhaps our mates in SL ( Indragee ) can help us with finding a decent place in Pasikuda- Kalkuda for two nights , without breaking the bank ?

        Eddie- this is your home town- I know you are not attending the RU- but we will miss you !


  4. Iam sorry to hear that Ranjini Tirimanne, Eddie and Ranee G from Australia ( not Rani Simone ) cannot make it to the RU, as I was really hoping to see them .
    Well, I just have to be glad that I got to see them in 2014 .


  5. Thanks for all the information.. I am planning to have a holiday in Sri Lanka for about two weeks during the Ru to spend time with my relatives and friends. I shall let you know once I finalised it. I was hoping to meet Eddie and Ranjini Tirimanne at Ru.I have not met Ranjini since our graduation.Hope I will have a chance to meet them in the near future.



  6. Dear all
    The old bank a/C is still viable.It is under Laksman Damaynthi & Anoja I will send the details like swift code sort Code etc later


  7. Praxy- on second thoughts on Maalu- Maalu- if three of us ladies are willing to share a room and if this is a possibility with the hotel management, – ( my self, Rani and Swarna, ) , then Maalu Maalu is a good option for me .
    I just LOVE this place .

    I wonder if they have a rooms with two single beds + cot .

    Have to get cracking on the bookings as the places are getting filled up, even as I am looking at them on the web .
    Triple Room at Maalu– Sold Out for oct 7- 9th – 2018 !
    Indragee- you will kindly help us out on this – talk to Maalu Maalu management and see ?

    Just had a note from Soma and Indra- they are joining us on the Bus trip tp Passekudah

    So far- Ariya / Thavam, Praxy Ranjith , Soma / Indra, Paul, Shauket, Deepthie, Rani Simone, Swarna . are on the trip .

    Hope to hear back from the rest of the mates .
    eaglemaalugirl !!


    1. Hi Sam,I regret to inform you that I will not be able to attend the so much anticipated event. Some of us old codgers still work full time and that is six days a week.This is the penalty I pay for doing very little as a medical student as you had stated in a previous message.
      I congratulate you and thank you for keeping this going with such a keen interest. May I wish you and all the batch mates one hell of a good time in October.
      SIri Kannangara


      1. Well my dear Siri !

        I guess, I will have to find another fit and fine person to replace you as my non stop baila dance partner !
        It was great having you as my baila dance partner back in 2014- as you were the ONLY one who could keep up the pace for that non- stop session on Saturday night !

        We will all miss you and I am sure you will miss us too .
        Enjoy work Down Under , while we are enjoying The Sun, The Sea, The Salt, The Sand and of course the Baila in the Tropical Island in The Sun !!

        eaglebailakumari !


  8. Siri
    We are disappointed that you are unable to attend. I do hear from Wimal and Wije from time to time about the good work you do. It was nice to meet up with you at the last RU.


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