“Being Busy”- Sam


Ariya 1


Dr Ariya De Silva – Being busy


Editorial Note:

Although this document was not intended for publication by the author , I thought our batchmates would enjoy reading this artical about Ariya’s proud achievements. Like myself Ariya grew up in a little beach side southern village and rode the tide to Class of ’64 and beyond like no other. Well done Ariya. We are all proud of you!


26 thoughts on ““Being Busy”- Sam”

  1. BIG Hearty Congradulations to the two Village Kollas from the Deep South , who who rode the tides of time , right into the Class of 64 and did us all proud .

    I am sure there are others who have done the same, in their own way, from all parts of the Island in The Sun , and WELL DONE to ALL of Class of 64 .

    Ironically, I started Kindergarten at Convent of Holy Immaculate- Matara, not too far from where our Web Master started school at Rahula College .
    I then went on to Sacred Heart Convent Galle, for the next few years , and St Pauls Girls School – Kelaniya for one year with Anslem and Wimal as class mates in std 4 .with Anslems mom as English Teacher who was ever sooo patient in teaching me the English 101 !

    Finally , with the English 101 under my belt, I wormed my way through the gates of the BIG Convent , into Holy Family Convent Bambalapitya , and stayed there, through thick and thin, better or for worse, for the next 10 yrs .

    No doubt- my dear Grandmother Cecilia ( remember the Funny Story jan 8th – 2018 post ?- if not take a second read ! ) gave me good strong and healthy gene pool . !!

    The Rest is History !!!

    eaglemd .

    ps- I would LOVE to hear from the rest of the Class of 64 “— How I Rode the Tides of Time into Class of 64 ” — Next Web Project !!!


  2. Thanks Sam.
    Congratulations Ariya.
    Ariya, you have done your family, alma mater and country proud.
    I have seen this story of valuing your time demonstrated in a YouTube clip with different sizes of marbles and sand in a glass container.
    “The heights of great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night”.Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
    Yes, Deepthie, I do remember your story about you and your Grand Ma.A good one too.


    1. Thanks Eddie, for your wonderful words of wisdom
      One has to make the best out of the served hand
      Circumstances, kith and kin push us often upwards
      Beauty is looking back be pleased with the outcome


  3. Thanks Deepthie letting us a peep into your childhood
    Through your beautiful writing and stiries must be told
    After all we are a close knit group of over fifty four years
    That is why call siblings & our veins carry the same blood


    1. HI my dear Sibling Ariya –

      I am honored to be called your ‘ sibling ‘ , and to be a part of the Class of 64 High Achieving Siblings !

      The Class of 64 is the Center of The Wheel- and all of us Siblings, travelled different roads and routes like the spokes of the wheel, to get to the Center of The Class of 64 .

      And while on that path to the Center , , , we all burned the Midnight Oil and were Toiling Upward in The Night – be it at Bloem, Jeevaka, Hopper House, or where ever you laid your sleepy head at night .

      Now, we will meet again- oct 2018 where it all started- in the Island In The Sun .

      I cant believe it is a REAL Reality !!!!
      Till We Meet Again — Be Happy, Keep Well .



  4. congratulations to ariya on such wonderfull acheivements and great perseverance in attaining such great heights in med , surg , gyn, a true all rounder. perhaps you married well to be able to achieve such awards and your wife and kids must have been a great inspiration, so congrats to them as well


    1. Thanks Paul for your sincere, kind words and thoughts
      I agree better halves often make better their own halves
      In most cases it is absolutely true, union is a partnership
      No one achieves anything worthwhile only with own efforts


    2. Thanks Paul for your kind, sincere thoughts and words
      I agree better halves often make better their other halves
      In my case, absolutely true, guidance with love precious
      As wouln’t have anything anything with my own efforts


  5. Congratulations Ariya,we are proud of your achievements,accomplishments,and your contributions to the health care system.
    Your success was a result of your determination,and your will to become the the “person you meant to be.”

    The Paternal guidance, you had during your childhood.,had driven you to attain perfection while chasing Excellence in everything you pursued academically,and professionally.


  6. Wow! That is a record Ariya. An achievement none of us can do, at least not me. We are proud of you. Credit must go to your parents(as you have explained) and your encouraging Thavamani and sons. Congrats to them too..Proud to count you both as friends from Kurunagala days.
    Narme and Nirmali


  7. Thanks Sam for posting this. Only few of us knew The Great Ariya’s achievements. All of us are proud of what he has done. It takes a lot of time, energy, perseverance & patience which I don’t have !
    As Deepthie mentioned, I am sure that there many other quiet achievers in our batch whom we are proud of too.
    Congratulations to Ariya & the other great achievers from our 64 batch


  8. Congratulations Ariya. Your CV is incredible and i am glad UK recognises your services to their health. Parents offer invaluable guidance to their children irrespective of their backgrounds


  9. Congratulations to you Ariya. I knew of , some of your wonderful achievements. Now I know the rest of the story. Thanks Sam for posting this information.

    Some people are recognized in their own country for their achievements and are commended by their fellow citizens and the government. However your achievements were recognized and commended by two countries Sri Lanka and the UK. Very few of our citizens have achieved such recognition . You are among the very Elite of Sri Lanka. Piching and I are proud to be associated with you as a friend , a batch mate and a fellow country man.

    Nisantha and Piching


  10. Thanks for all my mates

    I came to thee,
    From my little village
    Worried and nervous
    A lost scared lamb,
    on a path wayward.

    Wherever I went
    called me a rebel
    A misfit to flout
    And kept me out

    ’64, mates, took me in,
    With open arms,
    As a long lost, brother
    Who had just come in,

    Reminding me well,
    A poem I have heard
    In the younger days
    You drew a large circle
    To see that I am safely in



  11. Thanks Ariya. Please tell us which discipline of the three that you had post graduate qualifications in gave you the kudos on the way to your OBE? As far as I know, you were an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist when I met you once at Panadura hospital in.? 1981.Since then you seem to have returned to England and excelled.Was it OBG? Medicine? Surgery ? that you excelled in to be awarded the OBE.I am sure, many would be interested in your career pathway to excellence.Regards.Eddie.


    1. Thanks my dear Eddie for your wonderful words.
      As you probably know honours are for how you do than what you do.
      The palace has an intrucate , efficient and well rehersed system to choose
      My carrier is more a survival than an accomplishment
      However I may have fallen to right place at the righttime.
      Story is a bit too long will have a chin wag when we meet



  12. HI Ariya and Eddie ,

    To be honest I did not even know Ariya was awarded the OBE- untill I saw him wearing the Honor proudly on the Saturday Night Dinner Dance .
    I did not even know what it was he had on his lapel as I did not know personally, anyone who was awarded the OBE- let alone one of us !

    He wanted a photo of me with him, as another girl in UK who was my previous room mate at Hopper house, wanted a photo of me and Ariya together, and it was then, that I saw the OBE award proudly pinned on to his jacket !
    I was floored to say the least !!

    Eddie to answer your question- I think , it was the work he did on the Public Health Aspects of STD as it prevails in UK- that was the Original Work in that field, that made him an Recipient of OBE .
    He gave a brilliant presentation of this at the RU- 2014 Acedamic Session .

    Ariya- you have no idea, how honored we are by all your achievements – knowing how you started life and where you are now .
    No doubt- your lovely Thavam stood by you all the while you were busy with your Acedamic Pursuits , and your two sons also missed their father, while you were Burning The Mid Night Oil so to speak .
    Now, your sons are also doctors and I bet they know what it took their father to get to where he is now .
    Above all– it was your Parents — that planted the Seed , and the Rest is History …

    Blessings to you my dear good friend- Ariya– and I am proud to be one of the Siblings of Class of 64 .
    See you in Beruwala — 2018 October .


  13. Congratulations on your achievements. Our batch mates have said it all. I am very proud to be one of your batch mates



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