17 thoughts on “Prawn Curry”

  1. Thank you for posting the video. Are you into cooking in your retirement apart from gardening and reading. Good for you.


  2. HI Eddie – so, now you are a cook!
    Good for you !!!

    I make my prawn curry exactly like this, but, instead of ghee, I use canola oil or olive oil .
    This is my special treat for my self, as I seldom get visitors, and those that do take the time of day to drive the 100 miles up and down, have allergies to prawns !

    Thanks a lot for the Prawn Curry !


  3. Eddie, Nice to see it again especially to see that girl singing. I have seen it before & we tried it, but with Cows milk. We have not been using coconut milk much. Even “Sothy” we make with milk!!


  4. Thanks Eddie for posting this “Musical. Recipe ”

    “There is no sincere Love than the Love of Food”quote George Bernard Shaw”

    The Prawn curry recipe with the “Artery hardening curry dish in a hurry “wii definitely entice the food

    lovers with the the incredible texture, alluring aroma,and with a taste that will linger in the minds


    tickle the taste buds of our mates? For sometime


  5. Thank you all for your responses.Cooking is not a great chore, it s the washing up,that is the problem,,!. I posted this to keep every one interested and to continue the conversation.This Bengali dish looks divine( Perhaps the lady Is the additional spice!).Deepthie says that that her recipe is as good as any.A tasting is recommended for those in the vicinity.Seelan,Cow’s milk is not the right replacement to tickle your taste buds.Just avoid the full strength coconut and use the diluted milk and avoid the ghee.Hope Paul will let us know how he got on with his curry.In Colombo there is a dedicated prawn dish outlet called Isso.! As the Bengali lady says ,fresh prawns are better.Yes, the best big fresh prawns used to come from Batticaloa.Eddie.


  6. Thanks Eddie for this Bengali Dish. I showed to my son and we decided to cook. We used all the ingrediants exactly as in her recipe. My wife was away at work. It turned out to be a very delicious curry.We really enjoyed it.



    1. Thanks Raja.I am sure you both would have enjoyed the prawn curry.Apart from this,I also know of your cooking skills from Alice days..Regards.Eddie.


      1. Hey you two Cook Appu Mahattaya’s from across the ocean !

        Eddie- Batti Boy salivating for Fresh Batti Issa curry !

        Rajabalendran– well- now I know a secret– you are also a great cook and I sure missed out your Alice Cook Days !

        Now, when I was in Sarasota with Sam, in Feb this year, we did all the cooking out doors in the ‘patio kitchen’ .

        It was sooo nice and cool, in that outdoor patio kitchen , and we did all the cooking outdoors for the visitors that came for dinner –

        We did not cook Prawn Curry- but Sam cooked the most delicious dishes of karawila , and egg plant with lots of mustard, vinigar etc .
        Both vegts were sitr fried in a very hot wok .
        The rice – was also a great- mixed with stir fried vegts .

        Sam- is a GREAT cook- another talent that he has , but does not talk about it ,as Proof of The Pudding is in The Eating !

        Now here is a project for the Cook MD’s – out there – let us all have a treat of your cooking at Beruwala- at the BBQ dinner – take over the Out door Kitchen and Go For It !!

        No matter what — Gotta have the Prawn Curry and the Karawila Salad– !!!!

        I have sent Sam and Eddie some photos of the Sarasota Outdoor Cook – hope they make it to the post .

        Al this cooking stuff- makes me hungry.



      2. Hey Hungry Eagle,
        Yes, I did see the pics of Sam at the gas stove and the reunion with mates at the table.You should post and name the people at the table.I can see You, Sam, Wimal and Johnpulle and perhaps the wives but there is one extra person.I see you raise a glass of white wine. Was it a Riesling . It should go well with the bitterness of Karawila.!!.As I understand it, Karawila is a diificult vegetable to cook tastily,however, you confirm that it was Sam’s favourite.The outdoor kitchen reminds us all of times past in Sri Lanka.I also know of many SriLankans who do all the Sri Lankan dishes ( especially the frying),outdoors to prevent the strong odours of our condiments pervading the furnishings.!
        Looks like, vegetarianism has triumphed.
        Where are all the carnivores?
        Is there no one else who can vouch for the tasty Batti prawns.?


  7. Hey Eddie !
    Love your comment .
    yes we did have a chicken curry – but mostly vegt.
    Sam- he is a GREAT COOK and just thrives on it and oh my god, we had sooo much fun !
    Yes, there was another SL couple – Sam/ Kathy ‘s friends – very nice people .

    I used to make Seeni Sambol out doors on the gas BBQ , a long time ago so, the house does not smell like Bombay Curry House !

    I dont know much about wine – I am not sure what I had in my hand – perhaps a glass of water !

    I am good girl- dont drink, dont smoke, eat mostly a plant based diet ( unless it is local game meat- moose, venison, beef and pork from local farmers, and fish from the lake behind my house ) , live alone , sleep alone and well with no one snoring next to me, , eat healthy, lead a very active outdoor life !

    I wrote a little blurb on Narme’s post – On Being Sri Lankan- a musical tribute , about having an Outdoor Concert and
    Dance session , by the Class of 64 and followed the Kolla Cooks of Class of 64- get together and make ” Eddie Batti Prawn Curry ” on the Friday Night BBQ dinner while we The Kellas of the Sixties will stand around and cheer the Kollas of The Sixties !

    Anyway- -waiting for Ideas from The Class of 64 how ‘ How to Have Fun as a Septugenerian ‘ at the RU 64- Oct 2018- Beruwala !!!
    Oh by the way – the Kellas are giving and item, and now the Kollas- get ready to do your part on the stage — just like those kids at Berkley School of Music .
    Nothing like cheering each other and fostering each others Septugenerian Talents– Call it Septugenerian Class of 64 Talent Show !!!


  8. Thanks Deepthie. I like your comment , “ I am a good girl “!.This reminds of an old Doris Day song .A guy is a guy.Listen to it and I am sure you will enjoy it. As for snoring and sleeping partners, we will have to ask the snowy owl whether you startle them at night.!!
    I am sorry, I won’t be at the reunion but there a lot of “ closet cooks” , who will no doubt rise to the occasion.
    Enjoy the fun and keep up the comraderie at the reunion Regards.Eddie.


  9. What do you mean, you wont be at the Re Union ?
    So you are not going to be The Chief Cook or be a Cheer Leader at the Kella’s dance item that you suggested in one of you previous posts !

    I was looking fwd to meeting up with you, now that we have made ‘good contact’ – thanks to Sam/ Web .
    well- it is what it is — you and your dear wife will be missed by all .


  10. Deepthie, Sorry we will be missing the opportunity but we have another engagement in Colombo a month prior and hence is not convenient.I am sure you will keep the party alive with your thoughtful ways.However, if you are in my neck of the woods, you are certainly welcome home.Keep in touch.Eddie.


  11. Thanks my dear Eddie for the invitation to visit Kiwi Land .

    I have been there twice – ’91 and ’98 .
    Jet lag just about kills me- now that I am getting older .
    That is why I want to reach SL a few days before the RU date- so I can slip into SL time sooner than later, as I dont want to miss out on any thing falling asleep !

    Well- we will just have to do without you being the Chief Prawn Curry Cook– lets see who among the guys will ‘fess up’ and tell us ” I will be The Prawn Curry Cook’ !

    hungryeagle !


  12. Yes.It is the travelling distance that puts all of us off.As we get older, terra firma is best for both body and soul.Enjoy your stay in S.L, I am sure , with your organising skills, you will get someone to comply.Eddie.


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