Moment in time. Chantelle Vanlee.


This is a beautiful song with equally meaningful words by this Belgian singer.The words are inspirational and has been used with Whitney Houston’s version together with footage from previous Olympic performances.( I thought of this today as it is the last day of the Commonwealth games).This rendition is clear and will resonate with many in different situations in their lives.I hope our colleagues will enjoy this clear and crisp rendition by this talented artist.

11 thoughts on “Moment in time. Chantelle Vanlee.”

  1. Thanks Eddie. I think this was posted on our web site a while ago. Yes I agree with you that it is a very inspirational song.

    It was nice listening to it again.




    1. Thank You Simone and Indrajee. I am happy that some of you liked it. It is a very powerful song and will be appreciated by many in different stages of their lives. Eddie.


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