Home Sweet Home !

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Well folks- I arrived in my old home town, Ontario Canada,  after 8 wks of
blissful solitude among the Energy Driving Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona and
my little stint in Sarasota and Marco Island with Sam and Wimal and family .

Sarasota  Beach Baila- A Distant Dream to a Distant Drum …

It was on the 2nd April,  Easter Monday that I arrived home and  and hell
broke loose on the 4th — almost like an April Fools Day Come Late Joke !

Phone dead , hot water tank sprung a leak – the first in 20 yrs,  brand new
gas furnace died , and in the horizon was the HUGE Blizzard  roaring and
rolling towards me from the north  and Giants Tomb- was a white , white !

I was on the phone to the Furnace guy- and Bang- the Power went off  ! and
he says ” don’t worry Mary- hang in there- I will be over in 20 mins  “—
and the temperature plummeted down, down , down !
So- there I am – no heat, no phone , wind howling  around me,  as if all
the wolves in Siberia were after me ! and all the while the visibility was
Zero – -I could barely see my car on the driveway, never mind Giants Tomb
Island that you see in this photo and on my post Northern Lights over Giants
Tomb- last year . .

Voila- the Auto Generator kicked in- and a few lights came on + fridge and
microwave .
Cell phone- thank god- I knew how to use it as I am a total techy idiot !

Well- the Furnace Guy  calls in 30 mins ” Mary– the only two access roads
to your home are blocked by fallen trees and one brought down the Power
Lines and the Fire Trucks are out there- diverting traffic . I will turn
back, go home, bring my chain saw and clear the trees to get to you . If
worse come to worse, I will bring you home to my place for the night ‘ !
Sure enough – he  got to my place, found the problem with the furnace,
brought over some space heaters – that worked with the few electrical
outlets powered by the Auto Generator  and said as soon as the part for the
furnace arrives in 48 hrs-  he wil be back .
Service with a Smile- Above and Beyond The Call of Duty I must say !

So, I  settled in for a long 48 hrs- slept that night in my street clothes
++ blankets,  with one heater going in the bed room, and cell phone by my
side .

O by the way- Cold Water- is a great refreshing thing in the middle of a
blizzard storm !!
Next day– Stay Strong – at least the ‘idiot box ‘ aka TV worked !
Listened to  CD Flute music ,  talked a bit to family ( saving cell phone
charges  ! ) .
It was Saturday-  7th – when Bell Canada Telephone and Furnance was up and
running .

Now-  What is  Your  Problem  Lady ?/

The Problem- is THE WHITE STUFF  you see on the front of the house and on
the back of the house — the darn thing- is  there — almost blinding me —
I wear sun glasses inside the house  when looking out into the lake – so I
wont get Snow Blindness !!

Ok- get out and go for a walk– did so y’day — snow drifts – Knee high !

BUT== There is Light at The End of The Tunnel —

Saw my little Robin Red Breast — the True Harbinger of Spring — that
never fails to cheer up the most dismal of all souls !!
I am OK now !!
Deepthie 1


Eagledeepthie –  Waiting For Spring !!




14 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home !”

  1. Thanks Deepthie.Beautiful pictures of your home and an equally good story to follow.Your story is like the first few paragraphs of a story book, with more experiences to follow……….
    Can we make Deepthie’s story a template for the rest of us to contribute too?
    What about a pic from each one of us of our ?home, ?garden or ?town with a few words to accompany it?
    This could be start for greater participation by all of us in this unique environment that Sam has provided for us .Thank you Sam .I hope Sam agrees.!!
    Share your thoughts and suggestions and make this site the “ talking lounge “.


    1. I agree with the idea Eddie. Only a few of us are posting even though many are following and reading the content.Others too can forward any ‘life interest’ story they might wish to share by send them to me using the contact form or directly via email.I can provide my Email upon request. I will be editing out any identifying information, such as last names and location info in your posts as this blog is technically in the public domain


      1. Thanks Sam. I hope this invitation from Sam will increase participation by our batch mates..I am sure we all have interesting stories to share..


    2. My dear Deepthie, very sorry to hear of the hassel you had to go through.

      Yet you are such a great story teller even the gruesome mess you encountered

      with harshest onslaught of the elements I was exeperiencing every bit of the cold and snowy breeze

      through your exceptional narrative skills.



  2. Hi Deepthie
    Thought you were still in Arizona,as we did not hear much from you for a while. The photos you send were so beautiful. For us in Australia, seeing snow is a wonder, but tolerating the freezing temperatures you experience in Canada is another matter. Sorry to hear that you had such an awful home coming. Glad to hear everything is OK except the cold weather. We are experiencing just the opposite in Adelaide 36 degrees today and no rains since January 2018
    Pl take care


  3. Dear Deepthie,

    It is great you are back from the selfimposed, hybernation

    Missed the erudite, eloquent and empharic style of writing

    Without the power of your pen the progress tend to be slow

    My laziness certainly needs your energy to huff, puff and blow

    On top of that your bosom pai, the other energicer, is globe trotting

    This is totally not fair, two of you trying to make me a literary often

    How do I check the appropriateness and worthiness of my writing?

    If the most reliable editors of my work left home and are galavanting!!!



  4. I think you missed your calling, your writing is so eloquent and enjoyable as witnessed by many
    hope your home problems are all solved !


  5. HI my dear Sam, Eddie, Selvi, Ariya, Rani and Paul .

    Thanks a lot for the comments –

    I survived it !!!!

    NO trees fell on the house, no trees fell on the car, and I am still able to get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other !

    THAT is the main thing — Never Give Up .

    Eddie and Rani- thanks to you both, who encouraged me to write this post- when I casually sent you folks on the other half of the world, what life is like here .

    I agree with Eddie- and Sam — why not some of those who read the Blog tell us some interesting stuff about where you live etc .– make this Blog a Living Room Chat Around The World .

    I would love to see some pics of SL, Aus, NZ UK – to see what April- May looks like in those places .
    I know , we all can look up Dr Google for this — but, I do appreciate, when the pics/ stories are Original and not from Google Images etc .

    Mother Nature – is a Gift for all of us and let us Share The Bounty of Mother Nature .

    Selvi– I love the snow – I love hiking around the woods , when there is snow on the ground .
    But, it is another matter- when I see snow in mid April !
    Those who have lived in the northern hemisphere will know what I mean .
    O well- O Canada !
    I just could not take the intense heat of Australia- both times I was there in Dec- Jan and had to put my feet in the cold water in a swimming pool late at night, to cool my body .

    Eddie- I must say- I just LOVED NZ– ! the next best -place to Canada and we did seriously think of moving out there – but, since our children are in Canada, we decided to stay here .
    Even Srilanka- the heat really gets to me after 7 days –
    I guess I have now morphed into a Cold Blooded Species – no wonder I love snakes- must have been one in my previous life !

    Paul- your writing is getting better and better – gee I am impressed with your ‘one finger symphony ” !
    Yes- all my home issues are over and it was only yesterday that I kind of felt ‘ normal ‘ .

    As for the outside- snow is still there , and it is going to be worse on the weekend .
    Also, I have to wear sun glasses when ever I look out side, so I dont get a case of snow blindness- this is crazy- to wear sunglasses while having my morning coffee, looking out in to the garden and or lake !

    Thanks to all of you – eagledeepthiewaitingforspring !


  6. Thanks Deepthie.Perhaps you have a story tell about Giant’s tomb that you refer to in your photograph.I presume it is one of the many islands on Lake Huron? Eddie.


    1. Giants Tomb Island — google gives a good account .
      Yes,- it is one of the Thirty Thousand Islands on Georgian Bay- Lake Huron .

      There is a small park in the local area with a monument to this lovely legend .
      I will look for my pics of this, my one and only visit to the island, and write up a story and send it to Sam for the Post .

      Thanks for the idea !

      Look up my post last year- sept 17- Northern Lights Over Giants Tomb- for the most eeriee photos taken by my Astronomy friend and neigbour-


  7. Deepthie so sorry to hear about the welcome home gifts you received from Mother Nature. A blizzard,fallen trees ,loss of power, busted hot water heater and a furnace what a mess. Your furnace guy is to be commended. To go back home and bring a chain saw to make his way to your house , is unheard of. We have to wait days just to get a tune up of our furnace

    Anyway glad to hear that you ordeals are over. Loved looking at your pictures.

    Piching and I are in Central Europe , hence the delay in getting to my e mails. I do not look at my e mails on a daily basis. We are enjoying the tour very much. There are seven Sri Lankan’s on this tour , from the US. A family of three Sri Lankan’s from Melbourne joined the tour. Out of a total of 21 on the tour, 10 are Sri Lankan’s.



    1. HI Nisantha and Piching .
      Now I know why both of you were silent – and I was wondering why Piching did not respond to her b’day greetings !
      Good to know, that you both are having a good time, on a Central Europe Tour , and even gladder to know, that you take the time of day , while on a tour .

      SL are BIG on Tours seems like !
      Where ever I go, I am the ONLY SL — Arctic Expedition- Nunavut, Canada and Greenland ( 2014 ) and Newfoundland and Northern Labrador – 2015.

      Yes- my Furnace Guy and most of “The Go To Guys ‘ in the area are very good to me, and to the other Elders in the area , as they know, without them, we would dead !
      T his is how it is in small rural communities in Canada, and I suppose it is the same in any small community , anywhere in the world , where they dont know the meaning of Greed ..
      They all posses this rare commodity to day– Respect For Elders .
      He in fact felt bad to charge me for the Service Call- he made in the middle of a blizzard !
      Once he went Deer Hunting and brought me a box full of venison- that I shared with friends.
      Now he is too busy to go hunting and hunting season is Furnace Service Season ! ( Sept- Nov ) .
      But, there are other locals who give me ‘game meat ‘ and fresh lake trout .

      By the way- another spell of nasty weather is in the works for the weekend — Possible Ice Storm- with more broken / fallen trees over power lines etc !
      Climate Change At Work , Coming to a Place Near You !!!!

      Enjoy your trip to Central Europe .


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