5 Y/O “911-Call”

Shared by Eddie

A smart 5 year old girl looking after her daddy with chest pain until the ambulance arrives. Heart warming to say the least.Our only hope is that this generation of children will make our world a better place in the future.

5 thoughts on “5 Y/O “911-Call””

  1. Thanks Eddie,
    I am going to show this to my 4.5 & 2.5 years old grand children – in case something happened to me. The problem is they are not at home all the time!!
    There was a similar incident in Australia too.
    Kids are very smart, now a days. The other day, my 2.5 years old grand daughter said “Silly grandpa”. Wonder how she found out!!!


  2. Thanks Seelan and Narme, Interestingly in the last month, junior schools all over New Zealand have been teaching the kids how to dial 111 in an emergency.111 is our local phone call for all emergencies and it works well.Perhaps the NZ initiative was after watching this girl’s performance.Yes, Narme get this going in Sri Lanka too, we need the next generation to be more informed in every aspect.I think the mobile services in S.L are advanced and lends itself to this.Eddie.


  3. Yes indeed ! Very important information. It is time for our grand kids to know this information. They are being taught how to respond in emergency situations.

    Thanks Eddie



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