4 thoughts on “Tree of 40 Fruit – Rani”

  1. Great Idea Rani- only if we can grow it in Canada- where it is colder than if hell were to freeze over right now !

    Spring is a Far Away Dream for most of Canada right now- Llots of snow still on the ground, with very low over night temps .
    Will send you pics of my place , taken y’day !- -with ice chunks on Lake Huron.

    Niagara Falls – Ontario and Kelowna BC- are our Fruit Orchard areas and it is still too, too cold even for the fruit trees to bud out .
    Hope this idea catches on other parts of the world, where the weather is a bit more predictable .

    I still have to contend with fruits picked in the Carribean, Mexico, way before their maturing time and eat it even 3 wks after it has been picked .
    Perhaps- Hawaii in USA is the place to start experiment to get going – again – too expensive for us over here, in Canada, with the the Canadian $ down in the boots !

    Thanks for the post and the mouth watering pics of fruit loaded on the trees .


  2. Thanks Deepthie for the comments. I knew you would admire thee
    Efforts of an artist-professor ‘s innovation

    An ORCHARD in one tree. A jackpot for thr fruit growers.

    Deepthie awaiting for “you “the master gardener’s innovation?


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