A true Sri Lankan


Dear Sam,

 I will be grateful if you can publish this in our batch 64 web site

 When some elements do try tearing my motherland into pieces
 On ethnic & religious grounds should unitedly rejoice greatness
 Every Sri Lankan, a brilliant pearl in the ‘ Mother Lanka necklace’

3 thoughts on “A true Sri Lankan”

  1. Thanks Ariya, We have had a few outstanding Sri Lankans at the Oxford union. To name a few. SWRD Bandaranaike and Lalith Athulathmudali.However, Kadirgamar’s speech at the Union recognises the fact that, at that time our university education was as good as any in the world, hence the quote “the cake was baked at home” and the icing on the cake was Oxford University.A remarkable man of many talents and ready wit.No doubt a great loss to our country. Eddie.


  2. I had the privilege of meeting Mr Kadiragamar , an illustrious son of Srilanka,a firm believer in human rights, and democracy ,a few years back, when my brother a contemporary of Mr Kadiragamar (at Trinity and Oxford) introduced him to me.

    My first impression, was Here was a man of such fame,recognition, and success, but showed, no pride, and greeted me with such humble demeanour .

    I admire for his contribution to better understanding between man and man. Between different ethnic groups, between interests that divided the Mankind then and today.

    , he was a humanitarian. A realist but at the same time an idealist. He articulated his vision for Sri Lanka in many times.

    I will quote from just one instance where he said:

    “I believe that all our peoples can live together, they did live together. I think they must learn to live together after this trauma is over. I see no reason why the major races in this country, the Tamils, Sinhalese and the Muslims cannot again build a relationship of confidence and trust. That is my belief. That is what I wished for and in working for that, I will not be deterred….”


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