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  1. Hi Rani, I think this is the love story of Thomas Maitland , the British Governor of Ceylon and Lovinia Aponso (The Rodiya/ Portuguese girl) , Maitland fell in love with.He had many clandestine meetings with her.She was a regular in the dance troupe that her father showed off to the visiting Brits.Maitland was recalled to Britain because of his affair with a local girl and sent off to ? Corfu.He spent the rest of his days a bachelor and never married, pining for the pretty lass that he was forced to leave behind in Ceylon.( Circa 1805-1811) . Eddie.


  2. Mount Lovenia became Mount Lavinia

    I totally agree with Eddie’s reply. In fact there is a marble statue of Lovinia even today at Mount Lavinia Hotel which of course was the Governer’s plalace during British rule.
    In fact city was named Mount Lavinia to honour this Gypsy girl who won the heart of Thomas Maitland.



  3. Eddie you are great to unravel a local tale from far away NZ. It is said that the secret passage that the Governor took to visit Lovenia still exists at the Mt. Lavinia Hotel. Ask Ariya who has explored the nooks of Mt.L.


  4. Thanks for adorning the quiz with the image of the marble statue of Lovina

    Congratulations to the Historians. Yes Narme , let me add a little more spice to the story, the Governor had a tunnel secretly built ,which led from the mansion to a disused well near her house, in order for her to visit him without causing a scandal.

    It is also widely believed that Lavinia , who won the right for women of her Rodiya cast to wear an upper garment .Srilankan low caste women were bare breasted in days of yore.


  5. HI Rani and others !
    Nice Story .

    I am a bit late on this – I heard this story even as far back as the time I was a young girl- when my father and uncles used to tell us this story , and I was fascinated by it — Like the story of Saliya ( brother of King Dutu Gamunu ) and Asokamala of our ancient history .

    Back then, there was no Internet, TV, Social Media and god knows what else ..

    Just sit on the front door step, shoot the breeze, and tell stories , after dinner , into the cool tropical night…
    Real Quality Time with Family- with the True Art of Story Telling …
    Most of what I knew back then, came to me this way- just Listening to The Elders .-

    I was staying at Mt hotel back in 20111 – and the hotel actually gave us all a nice brochure with all the details of this story, the underground tunnel etc etc .
    Very romantic story of real True Love– to know that the Gov Maitland remained single all his life … and true to the love of his heart …


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