Dancing Girls-Eddie

Following up on the story of Lovinia Aponsu,the dancing girl who made Sir Thomas Maitland ‘s heart flutter.Attached  is a clip of a group of not so young ladies dancing to a bouncy song  in Sri Lanka.The lady in green, on the extreme left is both visually and technically super.A challenge for the ladies in our batch to do one better when they come together soon.!!Although the clip is a few years old and many may have seen it, I am sure  you will all enjoy watching the clip again.


12 thoughts on “Dancing Girls-Eddie”

  1. The one in green : Her pelvis must be joined to the Hips by springs!! I thought that her Gynecoid pelvis is going to fall down11


  2. Thanks Eddie, the ladies may consider your suggestion, to learn the moves,

    But there is a query before action: Is it to woo the “Governor “😄😄


  3. Thanks Rani. Well , there will be their “own governors” in attendance ,who will no doubt apppreciate their performance and reminding them of the youthful past!.


  4. Thanks Eddie, Nice dancing by ladies. This is challenge for our ladies in our batch when we meet in 2018 gettogather.


  5. Thanks Indragee, I was hoping that our ladies will be inspired to do one better.But, it looks like no one is interested.Even Deepthie, the lady with many talents including dancing is quiet.Wake up, it is spring in the Northern hemisphere.!!!.


  6. Hey my dear folks !!!- Rani, Eddie, Seelan , Nisantha, Indragee !
    I am here in the Northern Hemisphere – having arrived ( 2nd April ) to greet major later winter- early spring blizzard- that just about knocked the wind out of me !
    It was almost like an April Fools Day Joke that came two days late !

    Everything that could go wrong, went wrong in one 24 hr period -most of them were totally unrelated to the blizzard except for the power outage .
    Phone died, hot water tank leaked, Furnace died , Electricity knocked off due to 100 km / hr winds that resulted in many falling trees , that ‘cut off ‘ access roads to where I live !

    The furnace guy had to turn back, go home, get his chain saw, cut the fallen trees to free the road to reach me !
    Now, this is service with a smile , and above and beyond the call of duty !
    The Auto Generator powered a few lights – fridge and microwave .– no hot water, no stove .

    After 3 days- Life is Good and I am back on track to a large extent !

    So- now to Dancing Girls — Hey Guys and Gals —- The Kellas of The Sixties — will take up the challenge !

    As Septugenerians- any one who has the guts to get up on to the stage and do even half as good as these not so young Dancing Girls , should be commended —
    –be it with dislocated hips, as someone suggested that some of these ladies likely have, ( !! ) gynecoid pelvis , hip swinging , what ever you want to call it !

    Calling All Kellas of The Class of 64–!!

    Learn The Moves- Grease up your joints ( Bionic Nona included !!! ) get your kandyan sari/ skirt ready, and hit the Stage – Beruwala Oct 2018.
    We have almost 5 months to get our Act Together !

    We dont have to be as agile or as perfect – ( like the lady in green as mentioned by Eddie , ) to the beat- just get on the stage, move around, do the best you can, and have Fun in The Sun .

    Web Master– due to popular demand as seen above , the Kellas will take up the Challenge , so, please organize the music for this item for the class concert .

    Kollas– if you want to join in the Fun in The Sun– you are welcome on to the stage with the Kellas !!!!

    Eagle In The Sun — Baila Kumari !


  7. Bravo, Deepthie.Good to have you back on board.I wondered what had happened to you.You certainly have had a rough time,( weather related).Sorry to hear of the problems that you encountered after your tranquil stay in Sedona. We need you back on board to keep this alive.Only you can tug at the heart strings with your heart warming style of writing..Eddie.


  8. Ok Kellas – I had a go at the dance steps- not difficult at all .

    No need to be perfect like the ‘lady in green ‘ .

    Eddie and the Kollas – be nice to us, and cheer us on, even if we make mistakes !!

    Dont do turns if you think you are going to get vertigo- just stand in one place and do the moves .

    Just move around and keep your feet moving to the beat, , swing your hips if you can .

    Even better if you have a case of congenital hip dislocation, gynecoid pelvis, or can do the hip moves like Elvis Presley ‘s hip swings. !!!

    Do the basic moves that tells the words of the song and there will be plenty of audience participation ( !! ) to keep us going on the stage !

    Main thing is – just get on the stage and move it – after all we are Septugenerians and just to have the guts to get on the stage and move around to the beat, is an achievement by it self .

    Any ideas/ suggestions – most welcome .

    Baila Kumari


  9. Dear all
    Greetings from a very hot and humid Sri Lanka .I am still here from the visit to attend Ranjits brothers funeral. I have a few things to attend to after which I will join him.

    Ranjit went back to U.K. yesterday.
    He wanted me to thank each and every one of you who sent messages of sympathy via the Blog and also personal emails. Thank you 🙏 very much.
    Dear 🦅 D I will write at length to you tomorrow but in the mean time Bionic Nona is ready to join Bonsai Nona for the dance .
    Eddie you all can also do a dance may be the Hakka😊😊. That would be 👍 nice.
    I have been very busy here since the funeral so have not had much time to contribute to the Blog.Bitveill rondo from now on . Cheers. Praxy


  10. Good to hear back from you my dear Bionic Nona !

    I did some dance moves y’day and it was not bad — just have to remember the sequence and learn the words of the Udarata Niliya .– and the dance steps will just work it self out !
    Anyhow- it will be fun- that is the main thing to swing like Elvis the Pelvis !!!

    Ya- and the guys from the Upper Half of The World can follow up with the Haka !!!
    baila kumari


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