Getting OLD!

It is difficult to admit for anyone, being old
Because the mind does not admit it as old

The flesh only undergoes wear and tear

Mind detaches from senility & remains bold

 One does not remember the inability to remember

Failing organs are rejuvenated by using a good spare

Teeth and lenses are replaced & manlihood by viagra

Silicon replaces dwindling breasts expand sizes of bra

 Lipo sucction, angioplasty cataract operation

 Man has resorted even for teeth implantation

Greying of hair is not a big issue there is colouring

The combined pill takes care of hormonr depletion

When the ticker becomes slow or irregular

Cardiologist puts it right with a pace-maker

When both kineys fail, one looks for a donor

Even heart & lungs, are taken from a cadaver

If obesity causes flabbiness from the accumilated fat

A plastic surgeon will gladly remove by liposucction

If one is habbitated to eating too much, a gastric band

Surgery now can make a teenager out of a centenarian

When your better half isn’t performing as you expect

Replacement are in Mount lavinia beach from twilight

Of course they do not mark you on your performence

Tempting factor would be the thickness of your purse


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7 thoughts on “Getting OLD!”

  1. Thanks Ariya for posting a poem related to our ageing process.In the stanzas you have expressed your views of the ageing process, which most of us will find it hard to put together in our minds.

    I maydis agree with your views in this aspect:

    Ageing is not getting OLD, but LIVING the life we want,celebrating,and enjoying, the life, without, constantly reminding ourselves with the set backs, and punishing ourselves .

    Yes Ariya, the more we know about the changes , the more we can work on them to slowdown the processes,by any means available, mindfully, artificially, physically, or …..?


    1. Mydear Simone,

      Thank you for your kind words as you have touched an angle,
      Missed in my verses, and know I have got myself in a tangle
      By cross pollination of ideas and views together a strong product,
      Be born taking ’64 batch web to enjoyment & information summit.


  2. My dear Seelan,

    You are absolutely right the sicknesses and disabilities are the curse
    Stretching wrinkled skin and countering sagging is really a real farce
    However our mind cheats giving a sense of permanency& when it changes
    We seek a quick fix, resulting in plastic surgeons accruing enormous riches

    There is a kind of plastic surgery I used to do my gynaecology days
    ‘Colpo-pereneorraphy’ after resecting the sagging uterus and tissues
    By tightening the pelvic floor, plastic surgery though, a tighter vagina
    Appreciated by couples, improving the well being till men got angina!!!


    1. enjoyed your poetry Ariya. Thanks. Getting old is not fun. when I did pain management , I used tell my patients who are chronic complainers ” after age 40 , when you wake up in the morning if you do not have mild aches and pains — that means you are dead “.

      At 70 + my aches are still mild thank goodness. I am very much alive. I have just been advanced to play ” Pickle Ball ” with the intermediate group , which is a good thing. I have to be faster than before.

      Age is just a number. We have to keep moving to make all our joints functioning properly Do not stop learning new things everyday. That keeps are brain active. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is unknown. Live at the present moment enjoy every second,



  3. Thanks Nisantha for appreciation and your advice
    Enlighten me on ‘ pickle ball’ sounds a thing nice
    Mental faculties, I do try writing dhamma and verses
    In this atrocious weather I do lack exercises outdoors


    1. Pickle ball is a game played with paddles. A game in between tennis and table tennis. It can be played indoors or out doors.

      If you google pickle ball , you would be able to learn about the game and see videos of how it is played.



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