Stealing cars


Dear Colleagues,

Beware of Car thieves.This video shows, how quickly your car can be stolen.There must a way of preventing the signals from your key reaching the thieves.Short of removing the battery in your key which is cumbersome,I cannot think of any other.!! Interim, you may need a steering wheel lock as security !!

Shared by Eddie

8 thoughts on “Stealing cars”

  1. Thanks Eddie, for the warning car crimes are rising
    London is not at all a safe city, thieves are thriving
    Short of putting inside and lock your garage door
    It seems an invitation to keep the vehicle outdoor


    1. Thanks Eddie for the information. I always have my vehicle and Piching’s in the garage. I sometimes park the vehicles in the drive way for short periods of time. The keys are kept inside the house in a metal Key Box. I have no idea whether the metal key box would prevent the signal being conducted to the device.

      Modern day electronic devices are convenient to unlock and lock car doors. It is amazing to know that thrives can take advantage of the system.



  2. Thanks Nisantha.Yes, cars in the garages are safe.However, if you own a flashy car it is an ever present danger.! Eddie.


  3. “Mr Bean” locks his car door with a chain & padlock !!! – It will take a while to steal his car !!



  4. Thanks Eddie for posting this video, is this an eye opener to all of us to realise ,that advancement in technology in the hands of crooks ,destroy the freedom of people and imprison humanity?


  5. Need human watch

    Thanks Seelan giving the rest a tip from Mr Bean
    Yet to protect your BMWs & Benzs from the mean,
    Three garages not will not do, need a strong chain
    Long enough and made of tough, unbreakable iron

    My dear pal, sorry to say your problems do not end there
    Millionaires yaught floating in Botany Bay, at mansion, rear
    My advice is to take a reliable strong insomniac lad for hire
    To watch it day & night, if you give the green light I’ll be there



  6. Dear Seelan,
    Ignore the typo, I’ve repeated ‘not’ in third line of the first verse
    Though such inattentiveness may strike you as my negligence
    I must say it, say it loud and clear, I would be the most suitable
    Having eye sight of an owl, speed of a panther also being cheap


    1. I didnt know that you are suffering from insomnia. Easy to sort out : Ask Thavamani to read you bed time stories !! or sing Lullaby songs !!!


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