10 thoughts on “A Quiz- Ariya”

  1. Left to Right

    Ahnaimugan, obviously Ariya, and HKW Gunasekara

    Warm clothing indicates it may be Nuwara Eliya . (Fresh flowers and flowers blooming in the garden.)



    1. Thanks Nisantha,

      Two out of three for faces identification
      Guess off target for the garden location
      So far the closest for mates been Seelan
      Will hold fire till few more mates send in


    1. My dear Simone,

      Appreciation for not forgetting my face
      Thanks a million for making the effort
      Location and the country is off target
      One more face, well known, should get


  2. Ariya, Lakshman Senanayake ,and I think the good looker in the purple sweater is ? NK Fernando, and the photo taken in N’ eliya or UK- as all are wearing warm clothing, with flowers ? roses in the background .
    But, there is a table fan on the window sill – what is this all about ?


    1. Dear Deepthie,

      As usual you are quite warm on both counts
      Faces identification your score is 66+percent
      For the location can give around fifty percent
      Good chance with another try you might get it



  3. I agree with Nisantha. Ahnaimugan looks like Lakshmen but shorter.
    Photo taken in UK in one of the 3 musketeer’s house – in summer – Fan has come out of the store room!


  4. My dear Seelan,

    As usual on observational interpretation you got the gift
    None of the batch mates will doubt it, being a radiologist
    I have sent you a personal note ‘to keep in the bag, the cat’
    To give others a chance I plead the maestro to Keep it quiet


  5. Location – UK .
    How can I ever forget what Lakshman Senanayake looks like-!—- he and Piching were my constant companions at med school .
    Agree with Seelan- the fan came out of storage , just in case there is a heat wave in UK .
    Abeypala in Aust- also looks like the guy in the purple sweater – just a thought .
    Ariya and Lakshaman — well- well- no mistake about those two faces !


  6. Thank you for all the batch mates who made the attempt
    Three musketeers, except Wasantha, Lucky & me you got
    Our summer house when Lakshman visited HKW came
    Background flowers and the garden, Thavamani’s effort


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